People love us

This came over email earlier today:

What is it with you supid Americanes and the Shipping ? Why do you don’t ship to my Country. You hafe no balls and you are all homosexulle. Why cannot do you recherche you did you would be knowing that I do Not make fraud. you think every body not american is Froud!

if you hate other Country so much why do you not go to the Hell and kiss his ass ? I know why, because you are Big Fat Pussy! you are in a Big Trobule now fore I am Very Big Hacker and i can attack you in cyberspace. you better scared asshole!

get your gives correct in the future. my country dose many goods in this world we will personal cure cancer and sida with a fondation.

This is good new for you fucking gay american bastard.


I love this job. Srsly.

‘Obama For President’ Discount

The political calendar is full of boring retorts that have nothing to do with changing the country for the better. To liven up the situation, VibeReview decided to launch its new ‘Obama For President” Coupon this afternoon. If you want to save a few bucks during these trying economic times and you want to show some love for Obama, this is the right coupon for you.

Obama For President Coupon

You can use the 10% coupon over and over and over until election day. Not a bad deal at all.

And apparently some Diggs are being thrown around:

Obama and Vibrators

The majority of the country went with “Wanted Dead or Alive” during the last election. Why not go with sex toys for equality. Sure, it’s not the catchiest idea in the world, but at least everyone is so busy pleasing him or herself (or each other) that we can’t cause too many problems. Staying busy, getting busy, and having fun – that’s the key.

Free shit.

I just got back from LA where I was at another of those cheesy trade shows for VibeReview.  Overall, it was successful as far as these things go, but the one item relevant to your interest is this: We have finally managed to get deals set up with toy manufacturers to get significantly larger quantities of sample items.  This makes a whole new range of stuff possible.  I’m thinking everything from contests to full-on sex toy parties.  Last year we sponsored Camp Beaverton for Wayward Girls at Burning Man, but I’m thinking we might be able to do something even bigger now.  Stay tuned, and if you have any ideas write them on a small sheet of paper, fold in half, and deposit in the box below.