Merkley may not be god, but at least he’s real

Today I discovered Merkley.  Merkley is not a photographer who’s even more over-the-top than David LaChappelle.  I shall now present the irrefutable evidence of said claim:

Exhibit A

Heron – Stands Braced Before a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet & Milk Producing Faucet In a Banana Strewn Bathroom as The Descent Of Man By Charles Darwin Teeters Precariously Over a Contemplative Blonde Monkey Soaking in The Shitter


Exhibit B

Sylvia – Sending Mixed Messages With a Nut Cracker, a Face Blocking “Puppy With Kiss” Valentines Balloon, Jewish Underpants, German Wieners & a Cigarette While Un-Lady-Like Posing On a Very Romantic Italian Car With “JOMO” (Spanish for HOMO) Vanity Plates


Exhibit C

Sylvia – Simultaneously Flipping Her Hair and Her Sausages While The Dog Hopes For a Mishap and The Oven Laughs About Something Amusing Happening Off Camera Just Over Your Right Shoulder


You can see more of his images. Oh – he also wants you to buy his book.