High Kick Girl

You will now watch the trailer for High Kick Girl, after which you will want for nothing.


David Bowie Trumps (Insert Name Here)

Reasons why:

– Masterful musical, fashion, and cultural adaptation for every period since 1969

– Never sacrificed quality for quantity and image concerns

– But was able to merge quality, quanity, and image without compromising his art

– Refuses to represent anyone besides himself

– Clever, creative, sophisticated, and dedicated

– Lyricist, musician, performer (acting and musical), and avant garde specialist

Internal brilliance meeting physical, mental, and verbal expression:

– “Life on Mars”

– “Ziggy Stardust”

– “Starman”

– “Golden Years”

– “Young Americans”

– “Slip Away”

– “The Man Who Sold The World”

– “I’m Afraid of Americans”

– “Under Pressure” w/ Queen

– “Queen Bitch”

– “Let’s Dance”

With the ever-growing dependence on manufactured pop acts, it’s nice to remember some of the true artists.  Without the assistance of statistic-driven image creation, Bowie managed to define himself with as an authentic talent.  Cheers, dude. Time for another tour!

Closest Musical Relative: Trent Reznor

Fraudulent Bowie Opportunist: Marilyn Manson

Equally Talented: Prince

Late Nights with Navin R. Johnson

Father: “You see that?”
Navin: “Yeah.”
Father: “That’s shit. And this, “shinola.”
Navin: “Shit, shinola.”
Father: “Son, you’re going to be all right.”

(Navin immediately steps on a warm pile of horse crap)

If only more parents and teachers taught their children the basics!  Forget everything else you’ve learned.  Don’t waste your time trying to capture another person’s voice and make it your own.  No, create your own voice, one that’s founded on your very own personal experiences.  Be warned only that “shit and shinola” is out there, and you need to watch out for it.  Someone’s shit might be your shinola.  Conversely, your shit might be someone’s shinola.

Mr. Johnson (Navin’s father) might as well be a distant relative to one of my favorite philosophers, Rousseau:

“People who know little are usually great talkers, while men who know much say little.”

Keep it simple, stupid.  And even then, sure – you might step in a little shit, but keep walking, wash off your boots, and get ready to step in some more.  After while, you’ll step over the shit when you recognize it!