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Got Ink?

I thought I was done with the weird dreams until I found myself in a very familiar place doing something very unusual. I was sitting in the place where I got my tattoo done and talking to random tattoo artists. This lady walks in and says she wants something done on her collarbone/shoulder area but has no idea what she wants, but vaguely mentions that she wanted something like a star, much like what I had.

So I found myself drawing a shooting star formation for her on her neck. It seemed like the most logical thing to do, except when I woke up I wondered why the hell I drew something like that.

I walk furthur in the store and find a total stranger getting ready to be tattooed and asking me to fish a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, while his own tattoo artist was trying to ventilate the room since he was effectively going to smoke in an air-conditioned room in a fully air-conditioned building.

I walk out of the room and find myself on some strange street in a strange place, where I walk into another strange shopfront with people I don’t know. This shop was empty, ready to be transformed into (you guessed it) yet another tattoo parlour. The owner of the shop (who is my best friend – supposedly) is pissed off and frustrated, and we head outside for a smoke and a drink.

A group of giggly schoolgirls on tour walk past and one of them whispers conspiratorially and pointing in the general direction of our shop that it belongs to some famous person (or something like that). They all rush into the shop next to ours, but in the process somehow, manages to close our shop door. Amazingly, the shop is now fully furnished and opened for business, except that its closed.

If that isn’t strange enough, I find myself having to run home to get my dog because it’s home alone. For some reason, I live in a snazzy apartment block on the 15th floor, which has glass elevators to bring me all the way up. The corridors are tiled with shiny silvery marble and the entire building is fully air-conditioned with floor to ceiling windows.


I dreamt of you again.

But it was funny how I even knew it was you. In my dream you were too far away, too distant, and your face was blurred.

Like in real life, too far away and too distant.


I had a strange dream last night.

It involved someone who has read this blog from time to time and a threesome in the living room of an apartment we apparently share.

A dream involving a threesome between housemates, the ultimate fantasy for some, no?

Oh, it was an MMF, not an FFM. 😉

Yet Again.

We were in your room, on your bed, kissing hungrily. I was surprised at how fast it all happened, and even more surprised at how soft your lips felt, and how smooth your skin was.

Our clothes came off, and my nipples became rock hard when they came into contact with yours. We were hungry for each other, and our hands were soon all over each other. My lips, now on your nipples, and my fingers were now in between your legs, massaging your clit. I was searching for an answer.

But I found none.

So I put my lips to your pussy, and my tongue flickered across your clit. You moaned. This is my first time, I say.

It’s ok, I’ll guide you.

So as my tongue went circling around your clit, your hands guided my fingers into your pussy. You were wet and you smelt so good. I slided one finger in, and moved slowly in and out.


I pushed another finger in, and pumped harder, as your moans get louder and louder, I lick faster. Your hands are now on my head, pushing me closer to your scent. I use my other hand to grab your breasts, squeezing it gently, massaging it slowly.

Before you’ve reached your peak, you stop me.

Now it was your turn. Before I knew it your finger was on my clit this time, and you had one finger in me. I writhe on the bed in sheer agony. It felt so good, yet it was so wrong.

I reach down and continue exploring your insides, still wet with the excitement earlier.

And as we fucked each other with our fingers, I feel your nipples on my lips, and yours on mine. You then stop my hands, yourself withdrawing from me, and the next thing I felt was your soft, wet pussy on mine and we’re rubbing against each other.

Oh fuck, it felt so good you didn’t even know.

As we both lay there afterward, I trace my finger along your breasts, silently worshipping your body.

I was looking for answers.

But I still didn’t find them.

The Other Woman

(One of the perks of having a disturbed soul like mine is that I get the weirdest dreams, evar. Although I must say here that not all my dreams involve sex, or something related. As you would know, they sometimes involve vampires, fast cars and gargoyles. 😉 )

I had just moved into a new apartment in the East Coast area with a couple of bosom buddies. As we’re all busy with preparing the place, moving things in, moving things around, putting things up, you appear at the door.

I’m here to visit, you say.

I let you in, visibly arrived straight from work, still in your work shirt and pants. You sit around staring at me, while I have no idea why you’re here and what you’re doing here. We have previously had no sexual contact and having only met once, I’m obviously baffled.

But I ignore all that, I try to be civil with you and I go on about my chores.

Then you get up, walk into my bedroom, and start undressing. Still, I’m ignoring you. For some reason I expected you were here for a booty call, and you were going to make sure you got it.

You get changed into something more comfortable and lie on my bed, before long you fall asleep. I turn on the air-conditioning so you can sleep more comfortably and I start to put up the curtains on my room windows. You wake up and wrap your arms around me. I don’t budge, nor am I surprised. Your hands move up to cup my breasts as I feel your hot breath on my neck. You push up my t-shirt and the sports bra I’m wearing underneath to massage them, and I turn around to kiss you on your lips. A intended peck turned into heavy kissing.

Then we’re interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.

Flustered by what just transpired I ran out of the room to find out who was calling.

It was your wife. On my house phone.

You walk out of the room. You have to go, now. Your wife is on the phone, asking for you.

You look just about as confused as I am, but you refuse to go until I insist you do.

After you leave, your wife turns up at my house demanding an explanation.

(It’s strange how we often seem to dream of random things, but I have a strange feeling I know what all this is about. After all, its always the person who proves to be most elusive that we want the most. The rest who offer themselves freely to us, we often ignore.)

Here’s something new.

Everyone has had the fantasy of fucking a hot woman. By everyone I mean both men and women. Let’s face it, everyone has had the fantasy of making out with a hot woman.

So you can imagine when you’re in a dream when you’re half conscious, and in the dream there is a woman, petite, slim, firm breasts, long jet black hair, fully naked and she’s leaning towards you. Before you know it, both of you are locked in a firm embrace, kissing wildly, fingers dancing on each others’ skin, lips moving into the right places to send each other into ecstasy.

Soon, your hips are locked in am embrace, legs are tangled around each other, and your bodies are rocking each other into sheer euphoria. Your moans, screams, sighs combine into one, and somewhere, along your semi-consciousness, back into reality, you feel a tingling sensation, a spasm surging throughout your body and culminating in your hips.

And in that second, your dream dissolves and you’re thrusted back into reality.