Sex Toys and Texas

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time discussing the ongoing battle between Texas politicians and religious groups versus sex toys, adult toy retailers, and people who enjoy a good buzz or two. Why does it matter what another person or couples do in the privacy of their home? If both individuals are consenting adults, the government shouldn’t have a say in his or her or their affairs. Apparently and thankfully, the law has spoken in agreement, since sex toys are now legal in Texas.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, though, seems determined to push his luck. Will he pursue this “cause” to the highest level? Seems Texas is finished with this debate and unless the Supreme Court wants to waste its precious time on plastic gizmos that give men and women pleasure, Texas might as well view itself as the Sex Toy State, with Alabama lagging behind.

Mind you, the State of Texas now taxes topless bars to fund state services. Yes, purchasing a sex toy for private pleasures is obscene, wrong, and immoral – but we’ll tax the hell out of “titty” bars because state funds are running low! The hypocrisy is sickening. While I would never dream of being a topless dancer or owning that type of bar, I am fine with women and/or men choosing erotic dancing as their profession. If you want to dance for money and it works for you, who am I to tell you what is right or wrong? It might not be right for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right for you.

My point is simple: the State of Texas wants to ride the back of a largely “public” sex-related industry, taxing it to replenish dwindling state funds, while at the very same moment ban a sex-related industry that focuses on providing women and men and couples with sex toys for their own “private” use. I assure you that a tax – oh, yes – a tax on sex toys is coming, as soon as Greg Abbott decides how far he wants to push this issue.

We live in a country where health insurance and pharmaceuticals are afterthoughts for many people, because they simply cannot afford to take care of basic health concerns.

A place where education of all forms, especially for K-12, is falling behind our competitors in the global economy. (Texas education is, without a doubt, lacking substance and performance.)

A land where some man with a holy roller agenda can tell a woman what she should or should not do with her own body.

A fairy tale creation where imaginary heroes and leaders can wage illegal wars through manipulating the public into agreement, with devilish lies and schemes.

A wonderful place of freedom where politicians believe it’s alright for employers to discriminate against people of differing sexual orientations and gender issues.

But you can bet your ass if they can’t eradicate what they view as “immoral” or “obscene”, they’ll tax the living hell out of it. Unless it is a corporate golf buddy promising campaign contributions and future vacation hot spots. (Just don’t go hunting with Dick Cheney – he’s a bad shot.)

How is it that alcohol companies, tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, real estate and banking industries – yes, that they can cause whatever damage they want, to whomever they wish, without suffering extreme consequences? All made more insane by the fact that jerk offs like Greg Abbott waste state funds and taxes on attempting to ban sex toys! As if the State of Texas doesn’t have enough problems to deal with: drugs, violent crimes, hate crimes, death penalty, murder, rape, gangs, teenage pregnancy, poverty, poor educational infrastructure … all the important issues.

/Rant Over


Revising for exams is never as easy as anything thinks it is. Not when you haven’t been doing much the entire semester. Which also means no sex for me during this period. Hell, I don’t even have time for food and sleep, let alone sex.

No sex, means no stories.

Butterfly’s story on the lying Whale however, did remind me of this very interesting incident that took place.

Awhile ago, there was someone whom (I think), reads my blog and sent me an email saying how she likes what I write and would like to meet me. I wasn’t for the meeting up part but then since she was so nice to email me, I thought I’d respond in kind.

Bad mistake.

First, she showed me her pictures. She was rather chubby.

Not that I have anything against fat people.

“Very fat right? My face look like prata* hor??”

“I think when we meet very easy to recognise me, cause I so fat like bao**.”

I laughed so hard I almost had to give the Boyfriend a code red to get me my inhaler.

Now, it’s one thing to be grossly obese and acknowledge it, but it’s another to be grossly obese, accept the fact that you’re obese and then make fun of yourself, hoping for a response that goes along the lines of..”No, actually I think you’re alright”.

I don’t give compliments to people who aren’t deserving, even more so when they are blatantly FISHING for it. But still I decided to be nice and continued talking to her.

But what she did after that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I had to leave my computer for awhile to have a chat with my neighbours outside my room.

When I returned, she was hysterical.


I was taken aback, to say the least. So, being the nice friendly person I am, I tried to explain that I had to go talk to my neighbours.


Ok lady, cool it, it’s not the end of the world.

I don’t have anything against fat people, I mean hey, if you’re too lazy to lose some weight to at least make yourself look good in a tank top and jeans (we’re not even talking about bikinis here), then it’s your business really.

But certainly, you don’t have to demand that people pay you attention online just because you cannot get any in real life.

It’s one thing to be fat and lonely, but being fat and possessive and bipolar just scares the hell outta me, especially when I don’t even KNOW YOU!

Look lady, you don’t look alright and now, thanks to you, everytime I think of eating prata I’m reminded of you. Do you know how much I love prata? Now because of you, I’m so put off that I can’t even think of putting a tiny weeny curry soaked piece into my mouth, without having thoughts of you wringing my neck demanding that I talk to you run through my head.

Do you know how much emotional trauma you put me through? Don’t do this to me!

Christ, people like that should be locked in IMH and have the keys thrown away. AND be barred from the computer, please.


*prata – a kind of fried pancake made from flour and ghee, usually eaten with curry or sugar. Originated from the South Indian migrants in Malaysia & Singapore. Also called “Roti Canai” in Malaysia.

**bao – a Chinese bun-like snack, made from flour, usually stuffed with ingredients like barbequed pork, red bean paste, or chicken.