About Me

I am many things.  Several people bundled up into one entity.  With many character attributes and defects.  Always, forever – looking inward and outward, trying to experience as much as I can in shortest amount of time possible.

I am …

1. Devoted to family and friends, writing and reading, advancing beyond silly social conventions, and laughing at myself.

2. Humble enough to encourage other people to laugh at my seriousness.  Make fun of me, verbally abuse me (in a nice, clever way), and slap the “OH-LIFE-IS-SO-SERIOUS” right out of me.

3. Clinging to a interpersonal awkwardness as a necessity for survival.  (Except on this blog, of course.)

4. Learning to accept myself for all that – uh – I am, can be, and will be.  Cherish the journey, embrace it – or get run over by soured expectations turned outward.  (Who wants to be victim?)

5. Determined to sex up my life with all kinds of new stuffs – whether that be writing erotica, looking at nudie pictures and films, playing with sex toys, or flirting with John and/or Jane Doe.

You can recognize me …

1. Through the music I listen to.  Without music soothing or punishing my mind, I am left to my own devices, which is – well, a dangerous thing.  Anything from Ministry and Jane’s Addiction to Mozart.  Yes, since my mood swings – like, really swings – my taste in music changes from one second to the next.  In fact, I just switched songs three times while writing this.  (Does this mean I am confused?)

2. By the kind – the flavor – of my sexual posts.  I will have guest writers plopping their madness onto my lap, influencing YOUR perception of life, and making my life messy and frustrating.  But, hey … they are my friends.  Regardless of what people say, a good friend should be able to piss you off.  I mean, if you didn’t care about him or her, what they say wouldn’t matter?  Eh.  So – guest writers will contribute to this blog.

You can kiss my feet, hands, lips …

1. If you link to this blog.

2. Tell me something about yourself that no one knows – and then post it for everyone to read.

3. Write me a sexy ass poem.

4. Massage my inflated ego until it pops.

5. Comment, consistently – like as much as you can.

Denied …

1. Abusive comments. Threats.  Stalking.

2. Gay-Lesbian Bashing.  Racist rants. Misogynistic nonsense.

3. Stealing content from this blog.  Ask, and usually permission is granted.

4. If you like New Kids on the Block.  If you believe the Devil and/or God has possessed your body.

5. I sorta like misanthropic posts.  Equally despising all groups of people seems consistent and fair.

6. I reserve the right to ban myself.  Stay tuned.

Just so you know, here are the contributors for this blog:

1. Jane Monet

2. Heather

3. Dimitri

4. Nikkita

5. AmericanSlang

6. Others

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