People love us

This came over email earlier today:

What is it with you supid Americanes and the Shipping ? Why do you don’t ship to my Country. You hafe no balls and you are all homosexulle. Why cannot do you recherche you did you would be knowing that I do Not make fraud. you think every body not american is Froud!

if you hate other Country so much why do you not go to the Hell and kiss his ass ? I know why, because you are Big Fat Pussy! you are in a Big Trobule now fore I am Very Big Hacker and i can attack you in cyberspace. you better scared asshole!

get your gives correct in the future. my country dose many goods in this world we will personal cure cancer and sida with a fondation.

This is good new for you fucking gay american bastard.


I love this job. Srsly.

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  1. I want to laugh but not sure I can… OMG…. ridiculous!

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