Sisters of Mercy – 2008 Tour – NYC Irving Plaza

patriciaThe Sisters of Mercy is one of my favorite bands.  I have all of their albums, several of the live videos, and know the lyrics to almost of their songs.  I bought tickets to their 2008 tour at Irving Plaza in NYC hoping for the best.

The lineup was the following: Andrew Eldritch; Docktor Avalance (a drum machine) which was responsible for the drums, bass, and keyboard; and two unknown guitarists.

I’ll start with the guitarists.  Raised from the ashes of Poison, fermented in the fumes of RATT, and breaking through the wind of Grim Reaper – these guitarists were pure cock rock. They did all of the following: windmill guitar strumming, synchronized pointing and winking at each other, hair flips, and pelvis thrusts. The overall suck of this was amplified by the feeling that they were not even playing their instruments. The good Docktor took over so much of the music that there were times when it felt like the (real) band should have been playing, but the guitarists were doing nothing more than winking, posturing, and doing tight little pirouettes.  This is why I mostly avoid going to see shows with laptop bands.

Andrew Eldritch, at least, was real.  His voice is shot to shit, but there was no way it was being faked.  On the other hand, he was constantly being overpowered by the backup singer (one of the guitar players) who belted out lyrics like a drunken fratboy at a cheap kareoke bar.

Overall this was a complete failure.  It’s obvious that they are hurting for money and they’re biting the silver bullet.  Seriously guys – you had your day in the sun.  Now record something new, or go get day jobs like the rest of us who learned that you can’t fake being a rockstar.

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