My Bloody Valentine 2008 Tour: NYC Roseland

The show was perfect. Much like the sun, My Bloody Valentine projected all the energy and chaos of a perpetual atomic explosion, while still maintaining a cold mechanical precision underneath. For all their noise and effects, they are fundamentally nothing more than an incredibly tight rock band at their core.

Loveless was a singular phenomenon. Nobody else has ever made an album like it, so even though it was old it seemed like something brand new upon seeing it live for the first time. In this way MBV lost nothing over the years. The band members were even considerate enough to retain all of their former glamour; they look exactly the same as they did when they broke up some sixteen years ago.

They didn’t play anything new, which I didn’t mind given the complexity of their music. With most bands, seeing new stuff live is definitely the preferred means of initial exposure. With MBV though, their music has such an elemental complexity that you really have to let it grow in your brain for a while before you can appreciate it live.

If you’ve heard anything about this tour, you’ll probably have heard the phrase “world record for the loudest concert”. I’ll just say that this so-called “holocaust section” was painfully obvious. It was basically a coda to “You Made Me Realise” and was a 20-minute assault that had people jamming fingers in their ears to push their earplugs in deeper, and a few people squatted down on the floor, bomb shelter-style, to escape the noise. Overheard after the show: “That was like being in a jet engine”. I’ve never been one to use earplugs, and though MBV made a very strong argument in their favor, I doubt they would have made any difference.

By the end of the show, everyone’s face was wiped blank with an awestruck unpreparedness that comes from seeing something once dead rise again. Or their brains were just too rattled from the wall of noise. In any case, definitely check them out if they come to your town.

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  1. Oh, I am so jealous that you saw this tour. I can only imagine how amazing it was, but your description was pretty helpful. ::swoon::

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