Palin Ain’t So Appealin’

Dementia meet John McCain.  McCain meet Dementia.

John McCain picked his Vice President running mate, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

Wait.  Who is that?

Exactly.  Now, you won’t catch me bashing too many politicians for limited experience.  We need a new breed of Washington Politics, which means new voices are important.  After all, Obama doesn’t have as much experience as John McCain.

Fine.  Palin is relatively new to this political game and I can dig it.  No worries on that front, right?

Except that McCain is 72 years old, has battled cancer, and is a stress case.  I don’t wish the man any bad luck, but it is very concievable that he could pass away during office.  So, this two-year politician from Alaska with zero foreign policy experience and limited national economic experience would take over?

Uh, call me crazy, but that’s one of the strangest VP picks, ever.

Well, it’s not that strange at all.  McCain seems to believe Hillary supporters and women, in general, are morons.  He seems to believe that because we share the same body parts as Palin that – sure, we’ll vote her into office, helping McCain sweep up those dissatisfied voters away from Obama.  Yes, because Palin is a woman we will vote for her.

Not me.  I consider it an insult to all the challenges I’ve faced as a woman.  In fact, it pissed me off.

Some Hillary supporters might vote Independent, use the write-in ballot, or go for McCain.  Only a few women will stray from Obama, as McCain isn’t going to manipulate most women into believing this was done for the advancement of women.  I’ve got your choice right here, asshole.

Sarah Palin Info:

1. Creationism as part of school lessons, particularly science class.  She backed off her original statement concerning this issue, but her mentioning it is enough to scare me away.

2. Pro-life.  A term I hate, because it implies that some women are PRO DEATH.  Anyway, she takes the abortion issue to entirely new level of absurdity.  She is in favor of women having babies that result from rape and/or incest!  Her claim is that she has faced the abortion issue, having chosen to keep her baby with Down’s Syndrome.  I can respect that, but allow other women the right to choose – especially if they’ve been raped.

3. She believes Global Warming is a myth.  Science isn’t of much interest to her.  (She would fit right in with the Bush Administration.)

4. She’s currently under investigation for abuse of power.  Long story, with all the family dramatics.  A bit disconcerting that she’s under investigation this early into her political career.  Whatever.  Innocent until proven guilty, so we’ll wait to see.  More and more is coming out about her role in this matter.  She is refusing to release her emails about this issue, claiming executive power and security would be threatened.  Looks like the courts will get involved.  Sound familiar?  Yes, the Bush-Cheney administration.  Transparency does away with conspiracy theories.

5. Claims to have fought Big Oil over taxes.  Seems to be true.  However, what she’s not discussing at any great length is her desire to drill for oil in Alaska.  She rejected admitting that Polar Bears are an endangered species, though scientists and biologists have concluded otherwise.  Normally you might fall back on the “She’s not into science thing”, but the truth is, to have admitted Polar Bears are an endangered species would prevent Big Oil from drilling oil in the refuge.  Oops.

6. Claims to have shot down the Bridge to Nowhere deal.  Not true.  She wanted it to go through but after the project was recognized as a national disgrace, she distanced herself from it.  Of course, she kept the money Congress gave to her for it.  Earmarks, right.

7. Has a degree in journalism, with a minor in political science.  Once was a Miss Congeniality and beauty pageant winner, a star high school basketball player.  Commercial fisherman, like her husband, and a stay-at-home mother.  A little over two years of political experience, ranging from mayor of several thousand people to Governor of Alaska, which is the size of medium-sized metropolitan cities in the US.  Basically, she is responsible – as Governor of Alaska – as a mayor would be for a medium-sized city.

8. NRA member.  She hunts.  Even eats Moose Stew.

9. Been in Vogue.  Now on the cover of People Magazine, using her Downs Syndrome baby as a prop for votes.  How do we know this?  None of her other kids were in the picture.

10. Seems likable enough when speaking.  Seems intelligent and comfortable in front of a lot of people.  She hadn’t met John McCain until a week or two ago – or so the reports say.  Kinda scary to think neither of them are familiar with one another.

So, yes.  No way.  Never.  Though she is a woman, she doesn’t represent what I feel is important as a woman.  And judging by the comments on other blogs, the only women who like the choice are women who were going to vote for McCain anyway.  I just can’t see Pro-Choice women, agnostics, or atheists voting the Republican ticket – even if some are bummed out about Hillary Clinton.  To think – Supreme Court Justice Nominations with these two people.  Yeah, I’ll pass.

In my female opinion … Palin ain’t so appealin’.

Update:  A lot of rumors flying.  We’ll write a new post as more information is available.


  1. Spoken like a true liberal….

    Does fairness even equate in your universe?

    The point of true politics is to lead people like you down the path of gullibility and acceptance…. when will you learn that it doesn’t matter what side they claim, they all have problems and they are all liars….

    oh, and opposite of Pro-Life is Pro-CHOICE.

  2. No, actually. Pro-Life implies Pro-Death for the opposite position. Sure, no one paints it that way – or not the Pro-Choice people, but that’s what Pro-Life(rs) portray it as. Plus, if you had read the entire post, you would have seen that Pro-Choice is referenced several times. I appreciate the reactionary perspective and the oh-I-think-I-have-a-correction-to-make approach. Sadly, you flunked in the clutch.

    Anonymous is as anonymous does.

    One other thing:

    I’m not so naive to believe that American politics doesn’t serve its own ends and corporate ends (One in the same?), but your nihilistic, pessimistic view of the situation must get old after a while. It’s not about “they all have problems” – because, of course, since they are fallible, problems will be present. Which side presents the least amount of problems and the most solutions? Those observations are the ones that matter.

    I used to share a similar viewpoint with you. Back when I was an adolescent, jaded on life and people. And while I won’t place all my trust into any politician’s hands, I’ve come far enough to embrace healthy skepticism.

    What is your solution? You’ve apparently pointed out the problem, from your perspective. Surely you have some solutions to offer?


  3. I have no answers at all…. In fact, I am not as middle of the road as you think…. In fact after I posted that, I read the “about me” section, and I’d think you and I would get along just great. However, I am very nihilistic when it come to my politics. I will deviate from that a bit there though..

    I was not trying to insult you. I did read your whole post. I am against abortion (thats the term I really like to use). However, when it comes to politics I am suspicious of anything that anyone says or does. People rely to much on the negative side of a person they consider opposed to “their” candidate. You seem to have a lot of disregard for Palin and McCain. I understand that, as they are really not a great choice. Be that as it may, Palin is, unfortunately, the most conservative person in the whole race at this point…. and that is sad.

    So, I left the first post anon becasue there are to many internet-asshats and I was commenting to you. This time I left my name and email address so you would know I am not trying to insult you.

    Thanks for the discussion…. Your nihilistic friend,

  4. Hey Jason –

    We welcome all opinions on this blog, as long as those opinions are expressed in a respectable manner. You didn’t cross any lines so we appreciate the discussion.

    I used to like McCain. He sold out. The very same tactics Bush used to smash McCain to pieces, John has decided to use against Obama. Plus, he’s voted with Bush on most policies. I wasn’t satisfied with the Bush Administration, so I am not looking forward to McCain taking office.

    I was teasing you about the anonymous post. No big deal.

    You might be against abortion, but don’t you think every woman should be able to make a decision for herself? After all, she is the one who carry the baby, care for it, pay for it, and everything else.


  5. I am definitely NOT a republican, and so I am not a McCain fan, however, this decision was absolutely idiotic. Not only does she have no experience, she makes horrid decisions! Check out the decisions she’s made on the “Bridge to Nowhere”, and how, when there was a decision made by a council that she didn’t like, she just changed the whole council. I am the type of person who loves when women get out there and show how strong they are, but this woman? Please don’t let her anywhere NEAR my national government – thanks so much.

    AND there’s the whole thing about her youngest son not being her biological child, which would be fine if she admitted it, but the whole hoopla has gotten ridiculous and you don’t know WHAT to believe anymore!

  6. Hey Heather,

    Thanks for taking the time to debate… I love intellectual discussion. I think I should make it clear, that I am NOT a Palin bandwagoner… I just like where the race has gone now..

    You might be against abortion, but don’t you think every woman should be able to make a decision for herself? After all, she is the one who carry the baby, care for it, pay for it, and everything else.

    See, what about the fathers rights? What if you and I were in a long relationship. We had always decided not to have kids or get married. Then you get pregnant, and I am excited and you are not… What if I tell you, I will raise the child on my own. I will take full responsibility for it. I will even pay you for your time in carrying it… I mean thats what a surrogate does right?

    Where are my rights when you decide not to? I mean we are both in this relationship… what if I can even prove that you were negligent in taking your birth control? Still no rights! What if the doctor told me I had such a low sperm count, that I had a 1 in a billion chance of conception and this was my only one? Still no rights?

    I don’t believe a person should be forced to carry a child from a rape, or incest like Palin does, but I certainly think a man should have some rights….

    Check your facts about the biological child thing… That was the media screaming about how her latest child is actually her 17 year old daughters. Which of course has been disproved as her 17 year old daughter is now 7 months pregnant, and the child is only 5 months old….

    My whole point is that there is enough sensationalism out there as it is… at least we as responsible people should check up on our fact.


  7. No problem, Jason. I don’t mind explaining why I support Pro-Choice.

    1. I am not a fan of using abortion as a form of birth control. That being said, just because I wouldn’t choose to end an unexpected pregnancy as a result of my irresponsible decision, it doesn’t mean that other women shouldn’t have the right to decide, considering their individual circumstances, to shape their destiny as they see fit. There are a variety of reasons why someone would consider abortion as an option:


    Who am I to say that someone can afford to pay for a child? Who am I to say that a woman should have child that could potentially threaten the mother’s life? Who am I to say what it is like to be pregnant at a relatively young age? Who am I to say it is acceptable to bring a child into dysfunctional social situations?

    I have no right to demand that a woman put aside her concerns to meet my individual morals -the ones I would use to convince the woman to choose an alternative method of dealing with the situation. Since we all experience life in unique ways, it’s simply not right for me to demand one person act as I would act in a hypothetical situation that I can only ponder about. Humans have a fascinating ability to represent ideal choices and situations as the realistic portrayal of life, as if we are robots living the same exact lives.,

    Rape, incest, genetic defects, potential life threatening situation – these are, from my point of view, justifiable reasons to have an abortion. However, I know a lot of women who feel that the motivation behind a given abortion are inconsequential to the debate itself. Why? Because, contrary to popular opinion, women don’t choose abortion as if they are choosing a new outfit for the day. It is an emotional process that is extremely difficult, highly personal, and often arrived at as a last option.

    Woman 1: “What are you doing this afternoon?”
    Woman 2: “Oh, I am having an abortion! We can go out after I get done!”

    Hyperbolic, somewhat satirical – yes, by design. Because that’s simply not how abortion comes about – or how women feel about such a difficult decision.

    Do I support adoption? Absolutely. Not all people do. Not all people want to know that they have a child living somewhere else, never knowing their biological parents. The very idea bothers some people.

    I am against partial birth abortions – or late stage abortions. If the child can live out of the womb, an abortion should not be a viable choice. That’s just my opinion. If the child cannot exist without the mother, I don’t see how that child meets the criteria of “personhood”; thus, having equal rights to a woman, who does have rights.

    As to disagreements between father and mother … It’s easy for the man to say, “But I want this child.” The women is the one who carries the child to term. She is the one who goes through the medical care. Since she is the one providing for the fetus, she should have the final say. Now, in an ideal world, it would be nice if two people could come to some kind of agreement. No matter how you look at it, this is a tough choice.

    What rights does the man have? At what point during a pregnancy does the man’s rights override the woman’s rights?

    Yeah, I’m not buying into anything that can’t be substantiated. We know that Palin is in favor of abstinence school programs, not aggressive sex education courses. We know Palin is using her Down Syndrome baby for political gain. We know Palin leans to the extreme right as a result of her religious views. She would gladly force women who don’t share her values and opinions to wallow in previous forms of female-based oppression. For her, it is an acceptable – an enjoyable – role for women. Many, many women disagree with her. And since McCain decided to use her to sway Clinton supporters says a lot about how McCain views women.

    Like I said, beyond the fact that she is inexperienced in foreign affairs, the VP choice is an insult to modern women who value their rights and choices.

    Just my opinion. But I appreciate the conversation.


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