The “bad” gene

30% of us inherently resist learning from our mistakes, apparently.

“If there is one thing experts on child development agree on, it is that kids learn best when they are allowed to make mistakes and feel the consequences. So Mom and Dad hold back as their toddler tries again and again to cram a round peg into a square hole. […] But not, it seems, all kids. In about 30 percent, the coils of their DNA carry a glitch, one that leaves their brains with few dopamine receptors, molecules that act as docking ports for one of the neurochemicals that carry our thoughts and emotions. A paucity of dopamine receptors is linked to an inability to avoid self-destructive behavior such as illicit drug use. But the effects spill beyond such extremes. Children with the genetic variant are unable to learn from mistakes. No matter how many tests they blow by partying the night before, the lesson just doesn’t sink in.”


  1. Well…no shit, haha. I’ve known this about myself for years now, but this was very interesting indeed. I’m learning more and more about how my fucked up dopamine receptors are affecting me. I liked this “In an echo of “personalized medicine” (matching drugs to people’s DNA),” never heard of this!! that is so fucking cool, and totally necessary!!! what works for one ADDer doesn’t work for 3 others. Would take away the stupidity of trying out 5 different meds to find the right thing.
    Man. maybe there IS hope for my future child if they can come up with that. Else…I’m screwed.

  2. Now I have an excuse! A scientific excuse for being the way I am. Does this mean I qualify for some type of welfare? Isn’t this consider a disability? One wonders if our current president suffers from this, too, like me and everyone else I know.

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