Catalina Loves

If your local pharmacy or shady convenience store is out of NoDoz, I know who is to blame.

Blame Catalina. But don’t be too hard on her – she’s working her ass off to provide all of us with fantastic content to read and look at!

She might as well own stock in the company. Her frenetic posting pace is unbelievable. And unbelievably effective, considering how Catalina never sacrifices quality for quantity. If you are looking for a blog with a variety of topics discussed, you should visit Catalina Loves. From in-depth sex toy reviews to fascinating interviews with the industry’s most unique performers, Catalina covers it all.

Dependability is important. Why invest your energy and time into reading a blog that is rarely updated, leaves you hanging, or fails to deliver time and again? Rest assured, friends, you can depend on Catalina to share her opinions and thoughts every single day. Always fresh-fresh, as Outkast might say, her sheer topic diversity is enough to overwhelm a person. Check in everyday or you might miss something.

A personal touch. With shades of professionalism. You get to experience the best characteristics of both worlds in each post when you visit Catalina Loves (or any of her many blogs). She’s not afraid to share herself with the world while at the same time maintaining an aura of mysteriousness.

Naughty. Playful. Sexy. Humble. Dedicated. Erotic. Fuckingdownrightentertaining.

Our Orgasmic Scale:

Are you serious? How does one measure this kind of perfection?

The flood gates are bursting open. Open your mouth, close your eyes, moan-to-a-scream – it’s going to be a gusher this time around. Dual orgasm with goddess fluids watering the entire room!


  1. Oh, thanks for noticing me! I’m so flattered!! I cross-posted your post on my blog.

    I’m pretty excited about being a part of your Accidental Blowjob 🙂


  2. […] are exciting things going on.  The Accidental Blowjob just did a site review of Catalina Loves today that was amazing and awesome.  Ellie Lumpesse is not only going to teach me to do podcasts properly, but asked to do an […]

  3. You are worth all the attention you get. All of it.

    Thanks for keeping everyone involved and interested.


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