The Beautiful Kind

Save-Me-From-Myself Medicine. You need it, you want it, you crave it. If only to escape those annoying societal imposed labels. Unlearn everything. Forget about your daily concerns one damn post at a time.

Problem is, the Blogger Highway is full of hyperbolic self-deprecation and glorified shock value that creates and supports a I-Am-Serious-About-Not-Being-Serious mentality that comes off as hallow and forced. Blah, boring. A real fuck-stick read on a bad day. Trudge, baby. Trudge.

The search is on, then off. For the a quality blog that infuses serious sexual discussions and humor – but none of that overextended humor, the kind that confuses invective language as satirical commentary. No reason to belittle individuals when you can shame his or her ideas. There is a difference, a big difference.

So, it’s time to take your medicine, to leave all your worries behind – to genuinely laugh at yourself for all the right reasons, differentiating between your silly opinions and who you are as a person.

Your medicine: The Beautful Kind

Consider this introduction on a recent post:

If I had to list the three things I hate most in life, poop would be #1 or #2 (crocs would be in the top 5, Ann Coulter, top 10). From the sounds of people’s comments on this post from last week, poop is on their, um, shit list, too.

I laughed out loud the first time I read it. The word POOP itself reminded me of how I feel while sitting on a porcelain throne and someone is watching me. I’ve had those boyfriends who would barge into the bathroom while I am taking care of business. Always, always I feel sort of self-conscious – similar to how I feel when my dog takes a crap in my neighbor’s front yard and he witnesses the glorious event.

Plus, including Ann Coulter in a poop discussion seems rather appropriate.

Gems. Snatch ’em when you see them. The Beautiful Kind might as well be a gold standard for adult blogging. Check out some of the comments after each post. Funny shit, people.

Ask The Slut is your Hot for Teacher section of the blog. (I am a recovering Van Halen fan. Sue me.) The Slut doesn’t hold back, but will hold your hand as she guides you toward the truth (her viewpoint). People send her all kinds of questions – some of a more serious tone while other questions are playful. The best part is that The Slut knows when to attack, when to relax, and how to proceed without violently shoving someone over that fragile mental edge. This is the kind of discussion that you wanted from your 250.00 Quack-Ass-Shrink.

Best of all, The Beautiful Kind is updated frequently with new posts, images and comments, and the environment (from posts to comments) is friendly. It’s the kind of blog that appeals to women and men of all sexual orientations and experience levels.

Our Orgasmic Scale:

The Beautiful Kind earns a Dual Orgasm of the greatest magnitude. Enjoy this G-spot and clitoral orgasm for as long as you can. Your can’t muffle these moans. Why would you want to?

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