David Bowie Trumps (Insert Name Here)

Reasons why:

– Masterful musical, fashion, and cultural adaptation for every period since 1969

– Never sacrificed quality for quantity and image concerns

– But was able to merge quality, quanity, and image without compromising his art

– Refuses to represent anyone besides himself

– Clever, creative, sophisticated, and dedicated

– Lyricist, musician, performer (acting and musical), and avant garde specialist

Internal brilliance meeting physical, mental, and verbal expression:

– “Life on Mars”

– “Ziggy Stardust”

– “Starman”

– “Golden Years”

– “Young Americans”

– “Slip Away”

– “The Man Who Sold The World”

– “I’m Afraid of Americans”

– “Under Pressure” w/ Queen

– “Queen Bitch”

– “Let’s Dance”

With the ever-growing dependence on manufactured pop acts, it’s nice to remember some of the true artists.  Without the assistance of statistic-driven image creation, Bowie managed to define himself with as an authentic talent.  Cheers, dude. Time for another tour!

Closest Musical Relative: Trent Reznor

Fraudulent Bowie Opportunist: Marilyn Manson

Equally Talented: Prince

1 Comment

  1. I am completely in LOVE with Bowie for years. One of the ffew to never sell out. But you forgot Labyrinth.. *wink*

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