Silence is Sexy

So I’m listening to Flugufrelsarinn by Sigur Rós, covered by the Kronos Quartet in an arrangement by Clint Mansell.  I highly approve of this sort of thing.  But why is it that whenever anything is recorded in a concert hall, some dicknose keeps coughing or sniffing or farting or shuffling his feet or whatever?  Seriously, don’t these people know where they are?  Didn’t they see all of the signs letting them know that they would be recording?  Or do they just not care, preferring to have their every sniffle immortalized in the recording?

Also, very related: check out the cover of Radiohead’s Exit Music done by Miranda Sex Garden.

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  1. An annoyance, yes. But part of the whole “live” experience.

    On a side-side note: check out Christopher O’Riley’s last album, Hold Me To This. He covers 13 Radiohead songs on the album. Truly a talented pianist, O’Riley’s interpretation of each song adds a new dimension to the Radiohead experience. Brad Mehldau – another pianist – has a super-dope-cool cover of “Paranoid Android” that’s worth downloading.

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