Actively seeking.

Male above 25 yrs of age.

Funny, witty, intelligent. Disciplined, creative, tolerating.

Bush supporters need not apply.



  1. Why disciplined? To rein you in? 🙂

  2. Hey! That’s me! Over 25 .. funny, witty, intelligent, likes to be disciplined, creative and tolerant! Not to mention good looking! 🙂

  3. Chaosm: haha maybe =)

    lerxst: did i mention single? =P

  4. The only bush I support would be a nice trimmed or shaven one 😉

  5. woman asking for tolerant man. that sounds like a set up.

  6. darn .. 🙂 that leave me out. could we just be friends?

  7. heyy tell me if this works alright, i need a guy too 😛

  8. LE: Lol, I knew that would come from someone eventually =P

    AL: and you’re ever the cynic..*hides dagger* *grin*

    lerxst: haha sure

    Lisa: hahaha, i’m sure you can see the response isn’t that great

  9. Sounds like he might be an ad agency type. Guess you should hang out where they do… 🙂

  10. sounds like a wonderful idea, I could get me a job while I’m at it too =P

  11. personality profiles with photos gather more responses. 😛

  12. can you tell me about the ban abj?

  13. mark: what are you, a veteran on adult friend finder? =P

    CACH: firstly, who are you, what are you doing?

  14. oh no.. more like the wannabe marketing exec. 😉

  15. I knew that you knew that someone would post that eventually 😉

  16. mark: aaah..okaay..=P how’s holidays?

    Ecstasy: ahaha..=)

  17. i am so so so tired. zouk on wed, boat fishing (yucks) on thurs, permas jaya (yummy) on fri. i’m spending the weekend recuperating. so, how’s holidays?

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