It’s funny how we crave for company even when we just feel like being alone. How many times have you told someone “leave me alone” but in fact all you really want was to have that person sit by your side and say nothing?

Everyone craves to be alone sometimes. To have time alone for ourselves, whether it is to catch up on lost sleep, read, just lounge on our favourite chair in the house and listen to our favourite music, or just…zone out. We all want to do things like these every once in a while, especially when we’re most busy.  Ah, the ironies of life.

But it is also times like these that sometimes we long for a person next to us on the bed, just to keep it a little warmer, or to have someone sitting across you in the room, doing their own thing, someone you ocassionally look up and see the intense concentration or relaxation on their faces.

Sometimes you try to wrestle yourself away from the chains of everyday life and the responsibilities they bring, the mundane chores, the useless paper shuffling, the endless sitting in front of the laptop and trying to make sense of the world. You walk away from all that, to do the things you really want to do, only to find that all you want is to have someone next to you enjoying the same things you do.

Strange, isn’t it?



  1. Tsk. Why you go and complicate things like that? Want to be alone, then tell everyone else to f*** off lah. If not, bask in HIS embrace (bf, not God… like since when have I been godly??)

  2. Is it strange if the majority feels the same way? Or normal? Those who feel the same way, hands up! /me hands up

    I have two more due on Friday.

  3. Sometimes in a relationship, there comes a point when you might want to be alone on a Friday night and stay at home to watch DVDs by yourself… your other half never understands this — that sometimes there are solitary pleasures in life that by definition need to be sampled alone — and inevitably this will mark the start of the end. Strange but true.

  4. to play the devil’s advocate, “leave me alone” means “leave me alone” for a guy. maybe that is why “leave me alone” is giving you so much headache.

  5. TKS: yeah i know exactly how that feels..=)

    AL: huh?

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