Got tagged by Notorious V, so here goes!

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog…
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself…
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs…
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random Facts:

1. I don’t take fish in its entirety. Meaning, I don’t eat with its bones and skeletons still intact. Something to do with a near-choking incident when I was a kid.

2. I talk to myself.

3. I can’t sleep without a “security blanket” of sorts.

4. I love BOTH dogs and cats.

5. I’m trained in classical piano. Well, half-trained. I dropped out of piano classes halfway, but I reckon I can still play a decent tune.

6. I’m a junk food junkie.

7. I’m a hoarder. I hoard anything from cookies to chips to random stuff like ticket stubs which don’t mean anything, books, lecture notes from previous semesters, to clothes I don’t wear but like anyway.

And I’m passing this on to, Aristocrat, Spinnee, Ecstasy, Chaosm, Tetanus, Scandalous Trysts, Vandalin.



  1. Roger that. You’ll see it up sometime tonight (or morning if you prefer to be technical).

  2. Before I reply to your question: where should we post our replies to each other’s comments? Which is easier to track: on a person’s own blog or on the other’s?

    And you didn’t answer my question about which part of the east? Was I right? 😉

    I hail from the Far East (according to some of my horrified friends).

    I have yet to venture into the deep territories of Page One; the furthest I’ve been to is probably the magazine section haha. I agree that that they better at the Art section but that’s not the area that I am interested in, at least not yet.

    I feel quite homely at Kino though. Borders is the messier one that bothers me; the books are stacked haphazardly in piles on the floor, and the selection is quite poor as well. But I hang out at both haha, Borders for the discounts and Kino for the selection.

  3. Isn’t there a difference? If I reply on my blog, you won’t see it until you login to dashboard and check the comments thread haha.

    Far east–you are nearly there. Still avoiding my question (and I’m thick-skinned, at least on the internet, to mention it for the 3rd time) I see….

    Borders more organized than Kino? Your sense of organization must be entirely different from mine then!

    And I’m still up at 0330hours! Woohoo! FTW! Assaying, yes, according to Montaigne, who invented the essay. I thought thie Hemingway template was much better than Chaostheory II, I prefer the minimalist look. In what way does Hemingway fall short? Haha…

  4. Yes, because you said it was counter-intuitive. So what happens when I summarizes my posts? You gonna stop clicking? Haha…

    Three essays due on the same day huh. Why don’t you ask for extensions, pleading that very reason? Library huh haha. I heard PS finally has their own Honours room? 1 foldable table and 4 similar chairs!

    I guess you need to hang out more at Kino man, how is it possible that you can discover one new section every time you go? And you have to be kidding la, Borders well-organised? Sounds like an oxymoron to me :p

    Hmm, the only ice-cream that matters is Ben & Jerry’s cherry garcia. It rules the world.

    And nope, I’m not trying to ask you where you live; more like wanting to see if my deductive process was right ;p We are all sleep-deprived so you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone…

  5. Come to terms with it la, it’s not that hard. I’m in PGP slaving away as well. And make that the entire week for me…

    Suck it up haha, that’s life.

    Parkway is too ulu for me man. I don’t even want to step in there if I can help it.

    Ahh. Bedok (think I didn’t mention that). Go take a nap then, short circuiting on sleep will kill brain cells.

  6. […] Seven random facts Tagged by Skye: […]

  7. even so, the way we read, see, view things are inherently coloured by our own experiences, values, knowledge. so even if we don’t understand, our subsequent understanding is marred by pre-existing notions and ideas right?

    oh anyway, you stay at PGP?

    Therefore, the reason why Lacan advises the analyst less to understand than to interpret. For understanding presupposes an integration of two different worldviews: the analyst and the analysand, given that the premise is communication=miscommunication.

    If you have the patience, read the related article here: http://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2007/10/06/of-dialogue-dispute-and-encounters/

    And yes to your last question 🙂

  8. accidentally left the body of your comment there haha…delete it if you wish

  9. wah.. an excuse for a blog post (and a rant)!

    i’ll come to it when i’m done with my fucking paper.. sometime, in the not too distant future… 😉

  10. About the tagged. Hope you don’t mind. But I mixed it up into my story with some truths, half-truths and absolute bullshit. 🙂

    And to Aristocrat and also to ABJ, I hide over at the east too. And I am a few stones throw away from Parkway. And I am waiting for Borders to open too.

  11. mark: i spent so much time writing my paper i had dreams about it. gah.

    chaosm: fellow easterner..wheeee

  12. aww.. poor thing.. all academic writing and no coitus makes ABJ a dull girl.

  13. I’ll fill it babe.. after my exam tomorrow!

  14. I forgot. To your comment, I replied at my blog. >.<

    Happy family of Easties hurhur…

  15. mark: i’ll survive =)

    Ecstasy: good luck!

    Aristocrat: yeah us easties rule

  16. vanillaskye is the beast website ever,,,

  17. this idea is best for me….. to post it on the worpress blog

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