Its not that I don’t post enough. I do. I just don’t have enough time to sit down and write, ya know what I mean?

But I did post. Like 5 minutes prior to writing this.

I think WordPress doesn’t like me much though, because I did everything I was supposed to do. I write the post, put in the title, put it into the appropriate category and hit publish.

But nothing appeared.

So its not my fault.



  1. Tag! You’re it!

  2. Yes. It’s not your fault.
    There you go. 🙂

  3. yeah i noticed wordpress lost one of my entries … i thought it was me doing something wrong.

  4. Dropping by to say hi. More Borders vouchers if you are interested.

  5. Skye… Why did you choose the pseudonym?

  6. Ecstasy: what kinda question is that?

    lerxst: yeah I had to like refresh the page a thousand times. and the lost post didn’t even appear in drafts!

    Aristocrat: dropped a comment on yours =)

  7. Saw it. Counter-intuitive it is. The best bet seems to be Hemingway but the creator hasn’t got an archive widget ready for it yet, which makes surfing counter-intuitive too. Gaargh.

    So now you are on the mailing list haha. However there seems to be a problem where not everyone on the mailing list gets the vouchers. Obscenity indeed, There were so many times that I wished I lived in the States so that I could get Amazon to mail me those books within a day.

    I’m an Easterner too. Hmm, the reason for your delight in Borders@Parkway’s opening points to a near certainty that you live in either Parkway, Katong, Marine Parade or East Coast. Right?

    I haven’t bought any books from Page One there but based on hearsay, it seems to be quite promising. Kinokuniya is the best of all, I think, but they seem to think that price doesn’t matter hurhur. As compared to you, I can usually find what I want on the shelves haha. Maybe it’s because what I’m looking for is always in the Literature section lol.

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