How often does it happen to us? That one person we always admire in secret, the one which we always tell ourselves, “it’s just a crush..”?

But years later you run into that person and realise that your breath quickens and your heart starts racing all over again?

Then you stop yourself. You remember it’s been awhile that you haven’t spoken to each other, and that person has probably moved on in life, beginning to start a family.

But he doesn’t have a ring on his finger, that ought to be good news.

He asks if you would like to join for dinner and coffee, and you realise things haven’t changed much.

Including your little crush on him.

The he reveals a secret that you swear you could’ve just slapped him for just doing so.

But like they all say, everything happens for a reason.

So maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be this way.



  1. All ze best 🙂

  2. heh, thanks? =)

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