I think..

I’m in Love.



  1. that’s great! it is so wonderful to be in love…

  2. WITH?? Give details! 😀

  3. So what is love.

  4. Congrats…

    But wait. My skepticism requires me to ask: with an object, an actor? Or is it real? And if so, where is the proof? :p

  5. To everyone: details coming soon. =)

    YS: its true, its nice to be in love, whether you are in love with a person, an activity, or an object. I would say it gives a sort of meaning to life, whatever meaning a person may seek. =)

    Kian: *laughs* details coming soon..I hope..

    paradoxical: I’d say its always hard to pin it down. And I’d also say that you can question if A loves B, but it is impossible to question the entire concept itself. Don’t think, just let it flow. =)

    Aristocrat: and you have good reason to be skeptical. the emotion is real, and i doubt i’d give proof without having to compromise my anonymity. but isit an object? perhaps. a person? maybe. just my fantasy? its plausible.

    and only time can tell, wouldn’t it? =)

  6. If so the lady says, then it be true
    Congratulations then
    For Someone loves you

  7. I know i disappeared for some time… anyway… all i will say is all the best and try not to get hurt..

  8. don’t be disappointed.

  9. Aristocrat, mark, Ben: thanks, and we shall see how things go. I’ve had a track record of minimizing my losses, so it should be good.

    Anyway, I think being in love with anything or anyone for that matter, be it a person or a pet, its alot like trading futures/stocks/shares and what have yous doesn’t it? You’d definitely lose abit of money here and there, but I suppose the trick is to cut your losses and not get burnt. =)

    I don’t know, that’s just my take.

  10. i’m glad you took that as a comment of concern.

  11. =)

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