I like it sensitive.

I think men who have a sensitive side are generally more attractive. Hands up those who agree.
I say this because I’ve never been a big Adam Sandler fan. I mean, I do like the movies he makes and he comes across as a great actor, and I think he’s got that typical Hollywood Jewish actor vibe which makes him look like the typical nice-guy-who-always-gets bullied. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I just didn’t find anything attractive about Adam Sandler.

But after watching “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” (great movie, by the way). I actually think Adam Sandler is quite attractive in a sensitive male kind of way.

I’m not too sure if its the scene where he held Larry’s hand towards the end of the movie, or that throughout the film he had that “I’m a big jerk but I’m actually Mr Nice Guy deep down inside” thing going on, but whatever it is, it worked for me.

Which thus led me to conclude that I think men who have a sensitive, soft side actually attract me more than those who prefer to hold up the tough exterior all the time.

I mean, how many of us girls here actually have gay friends and often thought “If only you were straight..”?

*nod* My point exactly.

So guys, I suppose the whole SNAG thing isn’t that much of a fad. Except perhaps most girls don’t appreciate the whole metrosexual male act thing. Remember, sensitivity yes, metrosexuality, maybe.

But remember, like good sex, everything comes in moderation.



  1. I like girls who are sensitive too. 😛
    And in moderation too, of course.
    And, and, of course, I like good sex too too too.

  2. dont we all =)

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