Now kids..

(this is my second post on random search terms in two days. it either means I have nothing to write or people who come to my blog through Google are very interesting. *thinks* I think its a little of both. more on the former later.)

This blog may at times have content bisexual in nature, but like everyone else, I don’t find it a turn on to see two men making out. Ok, I know some women do but that’s not the point.


So when you say a three person blowjob, I’m wondering if you meant a threesom (two women giving a guy a blowjob), or a threesome (three men giving each other blowjobs). If it’s the latter, I’m sorry you won’t find anything like it here.

Of course, it could also be a threesome (one woman and one man giving another man a blowjob).

*pauses for a moment*

Ok, forget it, moving on.

Also, because I’m a certified member of the female species, I only have ONE sex organ. I do not have TWO sex organs and hence I wouldn’t know what it feels like to have a blowjob, right?

But here’s a tip, the last time I heard, the market rate is $50 (guys, correct me won’t you). So grab a cab, tell the driver you-kn0w-where, and experience it for yourself, first hand.

Otherwise, I’m sure the guys reading this blog can give you a hand.

But I still think first hand experience is much better.



  1. I hope no puns were intended when you wrote that second last line. Very handy indeed…

  2. hahaha, darn I didn’t even notice the pun until you mentioned it. haha =S

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