Weird Search Terms


Seriously, I wonder what people do in their free time.



  1. and how did you come across that info? =)

  2. Well my dear, this is what people have been searching for to come across my blog, so its in my blog admin, naturally?

  3. haha. omg. my boyf introduced to me this movie called freddy got fingered; we both watched it together. apparently the scene where tom green masturbates the horse is real., or so my boyf says.

    it was plain out gross, some weird fucked up humor.

  4. Garrgh, I’m stuck with an essay. Boredom comes a’knocking on my door…

  5. Bon: oh grosssss

    Aristocrat: hahaha, I’ve been stuck in school everyday man..sian

  6. Oh tell me about THAT! Was locked up in school until yesterday. And it’s not getting any better as the days pass by.

  7. haha..oh well..the pleasures of being a student =P

  8. haha. just the club. my two week break is ending soon and i’ve this 50% global politics essay which i havent even started on.


  9. WTF?? How to give a dog a blowjob?? What kinda sickos you have reading you blog, girl?

    *hides chainsaw*

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