Here’s a Random one..

You know life is sweet when your favourite TV shows start returning to the screen.

Starting with the very very very engaging.

We picked off where we ended last season; Hiro in ancient Kyoto, Peter missing, Sylar (presumably dead), with the rest of the Heroes (Claire, Nathan, Molly, Matt and Mohinder) starting and adjusting to new lives of their own. Of course, things aren’t always what they seem on Heroes, no sign of Nikki and family yet though, but we do have one new “Hero” who has a very interesting power.

Also, how can life be complete without my favourite medical drama.

Its a new medical year. The interns have become residents with interns of their own (one of them is Meredith’s sister!), and the Nazi has to deal with her not being Chief Resident, both Addison and Burke are gone, and I wonder who’s gonna fill their shoes. This is gonna be exciting.

Let’s not forget the favourites.

We all love a little gossip in the neighbourhood, so ’nuff said.

Oh, and how can we forget the tattooed structural engineer.

I must say though, that Season 2 was a little too disappointing for me. Sure, the gang broke out and were on their run, but somewhere in the middle the plot slowed down and I admit I even missed one or two episodes in the middle because just too slow for me. I don’t expect much of Season 3 seriously because Episode 1 seems just as slow as the rest of Season 2, and if its any preview to the rest of the season, there should be nothing to be excited about. Of course, if you like to see Michael Scofield break out of prison again, this should be good for you. Yes I said it. Michael Scofield is going to break out of prison. Again. With someone very mysterious in tow too. I say get over and one with it already. I hope the the producers aren’t just banking on Scofield’s pretty face to get them out.



  1. no shit.

  2. ho ho ho..

  3. Im only following heroes and prison break. Ya, PB is kinda boring since s2… but i read form somewhere heroes s2 shd be very interesting, with a few more characters..
    u mite want to check out 24 also.

  4. yep if the first episode is any indication of what lies ahead for the rest of the season, Heroes 2 would be really really good. Tim Kring says he has enough material for 5 seasons, I hope its true and the rest of the seasons are as good as S1. Haha =)

    24, yeah interesting concept and a good show I must say, but unfortunately I haven’t been following it as closely as the other tv shows though. =)

  5. Peter is alive!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. and looking much better, if I must add

  7. yeah baby.. he looks so emo, cuffed in a container, half-naked, unshaven, just waitng to be dominated =)

  8. errr…haha…i’d rather just take him home…


  9. sorry, finders keepers. =)

  10. =( doesn’t help that nathan looks horrible now..

  11. its okay, he’ll shape up after i return peter to him =)

  12. did you even see the burn marks on his face..ewww

  13. what burn marks? the peter that nathan saw in a mirror at a bar? that was a hallucination my dear..

  14. are you sure? maybe he acquired some special powers to mask his injuries..afterall he flew peter out when he was about to explode what..

  15. er… maybe nathan can fly very very very fast?

  16. but..but..but..oh nevermind..=S

  17. okay I admit, its totally ridiculous that you can hug an atomic bomb on the verge of explosion and get away with facial hair.. =S

  18. mwahahaha..

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