Okay, I know I said I was going on a break, but I couldn’t resist, one because I had a similar conversation with my friend, and another because I was rather irritated by something that I witnessed today.

I was on the way home and was walking through the carpark. Walking towards me in the opposite direction was this girl who was rather pretty, slim, long hair, nicely-dressed. The usual. Then came this grey Nissan Sunny which was turning out of the carpark, and it gave a light honk. Since it was facing both me and the girl, and I know no one who drives a grey Nissan Sunny, I assumed that the driver might have been an acquaintance of the girl and wanting to get her attention.

I looked at girl. No reaction.

I turned to look at driver with his companion. Both men, mid 30s, one of those contractor types (read: ah bengs who probably smoke so much they have bad teeth). Men start smiling at girl and talk to each other. My only guess at this juncture was that they found her “chio” and wanted to grab her attention, hence the use of the horn.

I have no issues with appreciating beauty. But I’ve experienced this a couple of times, I am walking on the pavement and hear a honk. Naturally most people would look up to see if it was someone to know (more often than not, its in the hopes of getting a ride), and I always end up looking at the face of some random stranger grinning at me (read: ah bengs who probably smoke so much they have bad teeth).

Why do these people do that? Has it replaced the conventional “chut-chut” sound they used to make with their mouths? Have these people suddenly struck gold that they can now afford to drive around in their Hondas/Nissans/insert random Japanese ah-beng car model here so that they can randomly toot their horns at some random girl walking by the road (read: ah bengs who..oh you get the idea)?

What do they expect from this? That the girl would turn around, see their souped-up Hondas and smile the nicest, brightest smile ever?

I personally have never seen it happen, and I wonder why any girl would do that. That is unless you are super skinny, have long straight dyed hair, carry a long wallet, have super long nails and know every single hokkien profanity there is.

I mean, why the fuck do people do this and expect a favourable reaction? You’re an ah beng who drives a zhng-ed car, which at times comes with a red license plate, and when you smile I can actually see black specks on your teeth, a sign of poor dental hygiene. If you want to smoke, for fuck’s sake brush your fucking teeth.

Anyway, I digress. Don’t think that just because you drive a Honda/Subaru/Mitsubishi/Nissan you can anyhow toot your horn at girls.

(this was actually related to something else but with the length of this post, I think I’ll let it rest for awhile)



  1. Well,… i agree that nowadays all te ‘chut-chut’ sound had faded.. but honking?.. yet to see one yet… but i think best way to get a chick’s attention is just to drive by and offer a lift.. no abeng techno muzic…..

    and… u do sound abit jealous that the other girl got honked while u didn’t… hahaha… just abit….

  2. honking’s terribly rude. i also can’t stand those pple who slow down their cars on purpose and stare at you as they drive by. it’s terribly irritating and quite potentially dangerous when you’re trying to cross the road to catch the bus or taxi, and when there’s FINALLY a clearing in the road..this asshole decides to slow down right in front of you. By the time he speeds up again, you’ve either missed that clearing or missed your bus.

  3. jealous just because some ah beng honked at a girl and he didn’t honk at me? do I have to repeat the fact that he’s an ah beng? are you kidding me or are you kidding me.

    the only reason why i’m irritated is because it has happened to me before and i find it extremely rude. there are better ways to get a girl’s attention, and honking at a girl just so she can pay you attention is like how some mats on the public buses like to laugh out loud and make alot of noise just to grab some attention.

    tooth fairy: yeah i can totally agree. i always encounter this, i’m waiting for this car to pass me so i can cross the road, and the driver is travelling at normal speed, but the moment it approaches you it starts to slow down.

    some might say the person is slowing down to let you cross, but seriously if you wanted to slow down you’d have done it long ago and not wait until you are just in front of me before deciding to slow down.

  4. alrite.. chill man.. hahahaha…. i figured u must be damn pissed that u did not even write who u were addressing the earlier half of ur reply to… hahaha…..

  5. He’s trying to tell you two “eh, you think your grandfather own the road ah?? sexy backside, so what??” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Tsk, these uncles….

  6. Ben: not really, I was in a hurry so typed everything in a hurry.

    PD: please, we were on the PAVEMENT. Unless you’re telling me cars belong on the pavements now…

  7. Yes, brush your teeth please. doesn’t mean that smoking = not brushing teeth. yucks.

  8. ๐Ÿ˜€


  9. I get this all the time too. Even when I’m waiting at the bus stop. IIt’s like WTF are you trying to do? I think these men are simply bored. There was this time when I was waiting at the traffic lights when some random strange guy drove by and WAVED at me. I’m like, am I supposed to respond?

    Men. *shakes head*

  10. What can I say, some people are just idiots.

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