A wish

…is a dream your heart makes.

So said Cinderella (or was it Snow White?).

But any rational adult worth their salt would know that its just something concocted for the children. Ok, concocted for the little girls who harbour dreams of marrying their Prince Charming, becoming a princess wearing one of those big pouffy dresses like the Disney princesses do and living happily ever after in a nice castle.

I don’t suppose anyone ever grows up still holding on to such dreams, although I think the best way to fulfill such a dream is to just get a job in Disneyland as one of those princesses. Although I must say, how come we hardly ever see the Prince Charmings?

Anyway, I digress. I guess the more cynical ones would say that its all bullshit. A wish is not a dream your heart makes. Well maybe, but we all know wishes don’t come true.

Because if they did, then how was it that I had wished you didn’t forget, but in fact you did?



  1. …because the prince charmings you girls were hoping to meet were *gasp* gay? 😀

  2. my dear the lyrics go the other way round.. it’s a dream is a wish your heart makes..

    We all wish our dreams would come true, but what would you do if they really come true? What would you do?

  3. Kian: haha, i think the worst thing about meeting the man of your dreams is not that he’s gay, or that he’s married. because at least gay men make really good friends. can you imagine meeting the man of your dreams and then finding out he has the worst possible habits/vices? like spitting in public, not brushing his teeth, not taking a shower in the morning…ewwwwww

    Jess: i’m clearly not a Disney fan. Potayto, Potahto, same same.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about moderation and being realistic isn’t it? No one is going to dream about being the supreme ruler of the world, of course if it happens then please don’t be another Bush.

    I think for the Christians out there, its abit like praying to God but then leaving it in His hands because He supposedly has a plan for everybody and if your wish is not something that goes according to plan then too bad.

    So I suppose, at the end of the day, its about acting in moderation and being rational. In that case, even if your wishes come true, would it matter much? Maybe marginally. Would it affect your life a whole lot? Maybe not.

    Of course, there will always be people who will be greedy. Can’t control that. So if a person is greedy and wishes for the world and finally gets it and then his life becomes one big mess ala the typical plots of Hollywood movies. Then hey, too bad sucker. =)

  4. I had a dream come true.

    He turned out to be too good to be true 🙂

    I narrowly avoided a living nightmare.

    I’m not terribly religious, but … I have to thank God for saving me.

  5. Haha, a little like The Stepford Wives isn’t it? Perfection that becomes a living nightmare.

    Which then goes to show that perfection isn’t everything.

    So for the men that are looking for the the perfect girl (boobs, ass, slim figure, virgin *rolls eyes). I think you’re better off looking for that in the museum.

    Funny how I can make the weirdest correlations.

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