1. Ahhhhhh. So tempting.

  2. shouldn’t this be under peekaboo?

  3. Ahh voila! I’d forgotten their glory. Now my blood boils, and sleep will come hard tonight.

  4. Whooo!

  5. paradoxical: at this juncture I’d assume you’ve always been straight..=)

    Shin: does it matter? Wait a minute, is there any evidence that this is me? =P

    LE: I’m sure sleep isn’t the only thing that’s going to be hard tonight ;P

    PD: heh..

  6. symmetrical. exquisite. immaculate.

  7. AL: hmmm..thanks?

  8. nice…=)

  9. jane: hi, thanks for dropping by =)

  10. There are times when I’m tempted to turn crooked though. =]

  11. hahaha….
    well… was thinking of asking a question… but no point asking…

    nice pic anyway..

  12. Yes. Just makes me want to touch them for real.
    And good photo too.

  13. paradox: well i’d dare say a relationship between two women tend to be more intense because of the fact that women tend to be more intuned with their emotions. =)

    Ben: haha i think you asked before?

    chaosm: heh =P

  14. no problem =)

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