A very Emo Post.

Its strange the way Life likes to deal its cards. At times it deals you a bad very hand, makes it a little better, making you think you actually can beat the banker, then deal you another set of horrible cards to break your hopes.

But we’re all suckers for Hope. In fact, we all thrive on Hope, and most would go to the extent to say that Hope is what gives people the reason to live.

So, wait a minute, if Hope gives one a reason to live, then why does Hope usually come with Disappointment?

Or am I missing out on something incredibly important here?

Either way, there are just some things that ought to be left unsaid and undone, and left that way.

So please, for the 10000th time, put Unsaid and Undone in the black bag next to the bin, and walk away.

No better, run as far as you can.


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