The rain made it wetter.

They stumbled into the hotel room, both soaked to the skin by the rain outside. While she tried to undress herself of her wet clothes, she fell onto the bed, giggling.

As she lay back on the bed, she stared at him, her fingers trailed across her chest, stopping only to encircle the area where her nipples would be if not covered by her bra.

He had already removed his clothes, and all that separated him from nakedness was his boxers.

And he walked towards her, bending down in between her legs to unbuckle her jeans and pulled them off her wet body. By then, it wasn’t just the rain that had made both of them wet, and as he lowered himself onto her he slowly removed her bra, their bodies separated only by their undergarments.

Kiss me, she whispered.

Their lips touched just when their hips did. Lightly. And their kisses were gentle with each other, and grew with intensity as their hips found each other and started to grind. The sensation of fabric against skin only made it more intense for the both of them, and his lips soon found her nipples, her hand found its way into his boxers.

Lick me.

Their positions switched, and she straddled his face, bracing herself against the headboard.

You’re wet.

His tongue found her clit through her sheer panties, and he began massaging it gently though the fabric.

Tear it off me and fuck me.

When his tongue met her naked clit, she shivered. As he teased and tantalized with his tongue and his fingers, she found herself pressing herself against his face, wanting more. Her nipples found the coldness of the wall in front of her, and pressing her breasts against it only made her hornier.

Let me suck you.

As she ventured down south, she made a show of letting her nipples trail along his body together with her tongue, she could feel his body tense up through the contact, and when she finally took his hard cock into her mouth, it didn’t take him long to surrender.

I need to fuck you.

Both let out a huge sigh as he climbed on top of her and entered her. As he fucked her, slowly, and gently, her hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him close to her. It drove him crazy to hear her moans and she knew it, placing her lips next to his ears and moaning softly into them.

Oh fuck, you’re so hot.

She drew her legs above his shoulders, and he went faster and harder, they no longer cared who could hear their moans and screams through the thin walls of the hotel room, or that the curtains weren’t drawn.

And as they both lay naked on the bed, skin glistening with a combination of perspiration and rain water, she slowly drew a trail along his body with her torn panties.

You tore my panties, I’m going to have to punish you.



  1. its a bloody set up. she asked him to tear the damn thing off and now she wants to punish him. dumbass.
    but we all know what sort of punishment he’s going to get. =)

  2. AL: I’m sure you’d behave the same way =P

  3. intense.

  4. Thank you =)

  5. whips, handcuffs, or ramming her dildo up his….

  6. Kinky..ahaha

  7. nice …find it quite romantic n kinky ..haha so how u going to punish him??

  8. thats for you to find out =)

  9. haha sure …i would love to find out

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