The Wierdo.

Every once in a while I make a bad error in judgement and allow some idiots on my MSN list. After awhile I realise they aren’t really what they seem to be, and I end up having to block someone and delete him off my list. Which, of course, doesn’t take much effort.

So someone decided to chat me up through email. He sounded pretty harmless (my usual excuse), so I gave him my MSN.

Then I realised we had nothing much to talk about. I decided that there was no way I’d want to take things any furthur with him.

Then he started crossing the line and asked me all sorts of absurd questions. An example:

Him: So when was the last time you had sex?
Me: a few days ago.
Him: Oh, with who?
Me: A guy?
Him: From where?
Me: I don’t think I wanna tell you such things.
Him: Oh ok, so what are your vital stats?

IMMEDIATELY I had to block him. Simply because he couldn’t take no for an answer and I didn’t really feel like talking to someone I don’t have any chemistry with.

After blocking and removing him from my list, I received another message from someone who had added me but I had no idea who he was.

Him: Are you angry at me?

Oh gosh, horror of horrors, he actually added me on two MSN accounts. Which might be normal since some people do have two accounts. So I blocked and removed him on that account as well.

Guess what happened?

He used yet another account to try to add me! The only reason I know that because he had given me his real name before and that particular email account had his real name on it. Also for the fact that I didn’t give anyone else my MSN account email so who else could it be?

One guy, two failed attempts, three email accounts.

How much more desperate could a guy be?


  1. A guy can be desperate to the extent that despite you rejecting his advances to start a platonic relationship, he still dreams of the day when he can finally get to fuck you.

  2. Unfortunately for this guy, it seems that he is avoiding 1st and 2nd base and jumping straight to 3rd base =P

  3. can i have your msn? :p

  4. ooh so desirable la someone.

  5. For my case, he touched on all 3 bases.

    I am beginning to worry for the young teenage girls… because of his presence.

  6. Shin: ha ha very funny

    AL: bleah.

    paradox: hmmm, are we talking about the same guy?

  7. Hahaha… next thing you know, he’d be asking if you sell your used panties online! 😛

  8. Different guys, I think. I call the guy in my case, Mr T. I was talking about Mr T.

  9. Kian: that’s like soooo passe..*laugh* do people still do that now

    paradox: oh okay, for awhile there I thought you were talking about the same guy and was wondering how you knew who I was talking about

  10. Aha. Refer to my blog if you want to. Excerpts of the chatlog are uploaded.

  11. ah, noted.

  12. no. i’m serious. can i have your msn? 😉

  13. your email =)

  14. creepy ….

  15. yeah tell me about it

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