Moving In (2)

Amid increasing rental costs, I was looking around for a place of my own to move into. Purely for the convenience of being closer to school, and also the freedom of being away from my parents. This, of course, has had its effects on me. So for the lack of a better title, and for those who constantly think I’m writing fiction when I’m not, this IS fiction.

“So, you’re looking for a tenant?”

That was the first time we met. A chance encounter. You were new in town and stood behind me while queuing for lunch. Making small talk while waiting for the queue to move I understood you needed a place to stay, and I needed a room mate. Perfect.

It was also chance that created the opportunities. That slip on the step I made, you know, the one where the strap of my tank top slipped off my shoulder, giving you a perfect view of my breasts? Oh, and what about that part in the lift where I was pressed up against you, literally, because we had to make space for the movers who were moving for another unit?

By the time we got to my place, no, our place, you looked pretty flustered. Was it the heat, or were you trying to conceal the bulge in your bermudas?

I ignored that and showed you around, and we stopped in the kitchen for a drink. While I explained the rules, no members of the opposite sex are allowed to stay overnight, you moved closer.

No members of the opposite sex? Just you and me?

By then your hands were on mine, your fingers slowly trailing up my arm, towards my shoulders. You give them a light kiss, and slowly slipped the straps of my top off.

We kiss. Hungry, ferocious kisses, our tongues locking and teasing each other at the same time.

We get to the bedroom, and you lay me on the bed, kneeling in between my slightly parted legs. Your fingers find their way up my skirt, along my inner thighs, circling my clit. I shudder, and moan softly when your lips find my breasts, and your tongue finds my nipples.

As you slip my skirt off me, my hands find the buttons and the zip of your bermudas. And as you sensed my surprised when I found out you weren’t wearing any underwear, you grinned. Sucha hot weather for underwear.

That just turned me on more, and as your clothes came off, I pushed you on your back, hungry for more.

As both our lips found each other’s wet spots, we moaned softly again. My lips, wrapped around your shaft, and your tongue teasing me, licking me.

And when I couldn’t take it any longer, Fuck Me, I whispered into your ears.

You’re such a wonderful housemate, how can I resist?



  1. there’s nothing that brings about that ‘bulge in the bermudas’ better than literary erotica. a smattering of words combined together to form coherent sentences laden with bodily fluids is way better than a boring ol’ jpg.

  2. What a good housemate you’d make, if all that was for real! 😀

  3. jon: ah hah, but i’msure some people prefer the good ol jpeg. =P but yes i agree, nothing better to stir the senses than a “bulge in the berms” ;P

    Frenchcuffs: haha, now i just gotta look for the same kinda housemate who would reciprocate such things =P

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