Are you thaaat desperate for sex that you would drive all the way from the West to the East, back to the West, and then to the East again just for a fuck?

Its one thing to do this once in a while, which even so, I’d think is ridiculous. But to keep offering hoping the girl would bite?

I think, after awhile, one surefire way to tell if a guy is desperate or not even if you don’t know him thaat well,  is to really see how often he propositions you. Guys who chat you up for the sole purpose of sex, well, doesn’t it mean that they don’t have any other partners and are quite desperate for it?

The guys who are harder to get, of course, are those who proposition/chat you up once or twice, and then seem to be too busy with other things, or people, to talk to you unless you take the initiative.

But seriously, if I was a guy, driving all the way from my place in the West to pick up a girl in the East, then maybe have a drink or dinner back to the West where it’s near home to fuck her for say, 30 mins to 1 hour, and then drive her back to the East (not to mention you have to go home), is plain ridiculous.

And a waste of petrol.  I’d rather just wank.



  1. 80 bucks for hotel 81 for a night and fuck her brains out. sounds better. free parking somemore.

  2. Depends. If she’s a real babe, then yeah, hell why not. Singapore not that big. 😛

  3. AL: free parking?? haha..I didn’t know that. hey 80 bucks for a night is pretty reasonable actually, I never knew it was that cheap. But prices vary according to location, no?

    Frenchcuffs: Well true, if she’s a real babe, the kind where they come only once in a long time, or Victoria’s Secret model standard, then why not?

    But for a guy to keep pestering a girl about it, when she’s not that interested just annoys the hell out of her.

  4. Sacre bleu! just bash his balls in then! 😛

  5. =)
    u mean pestering works?

  6. The prices vary, if you want a room somewhere more decent it’ll be more expensive lah, but still within acceptable range.

  7. wow .. that is desperate. someone needs to tell him that a good hand lotion and a Victoria’s Secret catalog would be quicker and a heck of a lot cheaper! to be honest he must have no self-worth. and if he’s driving and doing that much for it i doubt you’d get and hour or 30 minutes or even 5 … and all the local girls know it. why do you think he’s willing to travel for it. but hey, I’m sure you could get a couple free meals and drinks out of it!

  8. Dylan: NO! and where have yo been!!!!

    paradox: haha, i don’t usually pay, so I wouldn’t know =)

    lerxst: haha, the bit about hand lotion and the VS catalogue is true. and i suppose you’re right about the free meal bit as well. but to sacrifice myself for a free meal? *gulp* need to reconsider =P

  9. did say you had to do anything .. just make him work for you. get the drink an the meal and give him a good night kiss and send him on his way … 🙂

  10. oh gosh that’s just mean!! but i like the idea..*laugh*

  11. been busy, antisocial (not really)
    just busy =)
    ain’t online that much no more..
    if you miss me, you can always send me an e-mail
    i won’t be on msn much that much i can say.. =)

  12. Dylan: i will i will..just so youknow you’ve been missed =P

  13. And I thought it was the girls who did the driving.

  14. Oh we do, we drive you men crazy. *laugh*

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