Moving In.

Note: This IS fiction. 😉

It was your first move, you haven’t tasted such freedom since your hostel days and was excited at the great deal you managed to grab. A rental, but a value deal no less. Tucked away in a corner of Singapore, a high level apartment in a serene neighbourhood. What more could a single guy ask for?

Great sex, of course.

It was a humid day and we had spent the entire morning packing up your stuff at the parents’, moving to your new place, and finally starting to unpack.

With the heat and the sweat causing my t-shirt to stick to my body, I decide to just work around your new place in my running shorts and sports top.

You’re trying to act nonchalant about it, but out of the corner of my eye I see you checking me out from behind the bar counter while you’re taking a sip of water.

Sliding up in front of the bar counter I grab the glass from your hands and drink from it, “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

You smile, almost embarrassed. Nothing, just staring into space.

“Oh? Not distracted, are you?”

You grin and shake your head. I’m not going to cross the line today.

As we go about unpacking and putting things onto the shelfs, I take chances to brush myself against you. On occasion you unsure of what you should do, but recover quickly and move on.

But just as I was reaching into the freezer to grab some ice for another drink, you reach around from behind.

Need to cool down?

You grab some ice cubes from the tray and press it against my neck. “Mmmm..nice and cool.”

Maybe we should heat things up.

You lift up my sports top above my head and arms, and reach out for more ice cubes. I wonder what this would do. You rub the ice cubes over my nipples and I shudder. Your lips brush across my ears, flicking your tongue across my earlobes. I let out a moan of excitement. Your fingers, ice cold, reach into my shorts, I shudder at the sudden intrusion and grab your arms.

Pressing yourself against me I realise you’ve already taken off your shorts. So you were prepared to cross the line.

You grab me and sit me atop the bar counter. Let’s christen the house, my way.

I grin and pull you closer, kissing you hard on the lips, my hands reaching down, massaging your shaft. You moan. You reach down and wet the both of us, even though we don’t need anymore lubrication.

Bend over.

As you enter me, we both moan loudly, not caring if your neighbours are around or if anyone had heard us. As each thrust gets faster and harder, you’re grabbing my breasts, squeezing them, rolling my nipples between your fingers.

As we clean ourselves up to continue unpacking, you lean towards me and whisper in my ear.

There’s still the bathroom, the master bedroom, the guest room, the dining area and the living room.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget the balcony as well.



  1. I’m awed by how you put your words together so nicely.

  2. I do wonder if you do get sexcited while doing such writings?
    And fiction is often stolen from real life. Only just whose.

  3. paradox: thank you =)

    chaosm: do you get sexcited when you read my writing?

  4. No.
    But your photos do.
    So do you get sexcited when taking those photos then? 🙂

  5. chaosm: that’s for me to know =)

  6. lovely,

    how did you managed to do the textarea code?
    cause it is not working with me and it’s seriously annoying the hell out of me.

    thanks 🙂


  7. what textarea code?

  8. I assume she means controlling the size of the area your text appears in.

  9. well, unless you are on WordPress Pro i think everything else is preset and can’t be changed?

  10. In that case put me on vanillaskye pro please 😀

  11. your wish is my command *laughs*

  12. Haha. Haven’t seen you for so long babe. Sms me your no again k? Lost my contacts.

  13. Shrugs. If only my life is as easy and good as yours.

  14. LE: haha sure no prob.

    kellx: hey babe, this sounds damn cheesy but i know what you’re going through only because i’ve been there. but hang on and stay strong and eventually you’ll find your way =) hope this helps.

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