I’ve been a little busy lately settling some school stuff to blog. Of course, being the wonderful blogger that I am, I always have some reserve posts on the side just in case I run into such situations.

So please bear with me while I try to get my life settled and sorted out, and make do with the older posts.

That and also because of the recent dry spell I’ve been going through, so nothing much these days.

On a side note though, if you drive a typical Japanese car, just say that you drive a Toyota/Mazda/Honda/Mitsubishi/Suzuki and don’t try to be a smart ass and try to pass off your Japanese car for a fine piece of German engineering.

Not that I have anything against Japanese cars. Not at all, I think the Japanese are wonderful.

But the fact that you have to pass off a Mazda 3 for an M3 in front of a girl you hardly know says alot about you as a character.

Seriously, it is a turn off, and I would have dated you even if you had come straight out and said you own a Mazda. At the end of the day, it is the fact that you feel you had to say what you said reflected alot about you as a person, and what you thought of me as a person as well.

And seriously, I feel insulted.

If you own a Mazda just fucking say you own a Mazda, and not try to pass off this:

as this:



  1. Men. Are. Superficial.

  2. So are women =)

  3. Ridiculous. I’m an awesomely down to earth person haa. Skye, dry spells suck..

  4. I’m sure you have no problems with dry spells =P

  5. where r you from?

  6. Singapore. Why?

  7. what are you going to school for?

  8. was just wondering , where you born there ?

  9. Er…how the heck do you pass of a fucking Mazda 3 as a Beemer? Passing it off as a Renault Megane II is not even close!

    In any case, I don’t like Beemers. *snorts* Too many bengs driving BMWs these days, and I think the prestige of the badge is down the sewers because of it.

  10. widow: i AM born and bred here in Singapore, and I’m going to school so I can get a good degree which would eventually (I hope) land me a cushy job and I can retire at 40. Is that enough information?

    Frenchcuffs: Oh, I asked him what he drove, he said M3. So I went, “Oh. That’s nice”. And later after awhile when we agreed to meet for coffee he said “By the way, I drive a Mazda 3, not BMW M3.” Like, was it even meant to be funny that he calls his Mazda 3 an M3?!?

    Anyway, no matter how many Bengs are driving Beemers, its still a fine piece of German engineering, and for a Beng it would take some skill to earn the money to afford it, no?

  11. nah.. most of the bengs driving Beemers are just some rich kid driving a car bought using daddy’s money…. then again… given a choice betweena Merc and a BMW… i will still choose BMW…. a 5 series one…

    but that got to wait… am driving a humble Daewoo in aust tho… cars are alot cheaper there…

  12. I’m gunning for a Merc… 😛
    But give me an Aston Martin DB8, and I’ll gladly take 5 years off my life! =D

  13. no need skills. just need rich parents.

  14. Ben: haha….true true =P Daewoo? Don’t see that in Singapore anymore..the 5 series rox man….

    Frenchcuffs: heard good reviews of the new CLK…it sounds soooo goood…

    Shin: hahaha yeah true true =p

    But give me a Porsche Carerra 4s anytime..or even better..a Carerra GT

  15. well good luck wont bother any more

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