Your Input Please.

I was thinking, and I came up with some make out spots in Singapore. Of course, I don’t get around too often, preferring to do it in private. So here is my own list.

  1. East Coast Park – highly overrated but hey, still works =P
  2. Carpark next to Harbourfront interchange – after 10pm sections of it is totally dark. Its not secluded but there aren’t much cars left.
  3. Carpark at Pierce Reservoir – not too sure if this is the upper or lower one.
  4. Kent Ridge Park – this is from hearsay, I haven’t done it here, and I don’t know if there are any places secluded enough for you to. Anyone can confirm?
  5. Bedok Reservoir Park + Carpark – the Police cars patrol the carpark every once in a while, but otherwise it is mostly left unnoticed.
  6. Expo carpark – there is this secluded carpark at Singapore Expo. Most lorries and heavy vehicles park there at night, and apart from some taxi drivers taking a rest you don’t get much disturbance. I am not sure if it is still there though.

I’m pretty sure there are more places left undiscovered by me. But here is a disclaimer that I didn’t try out these places myself. Not all anyway.

So, if you’ve got your own ideas, leave a comment or drop me an email. It’d be interesting to know where and when people get it going on. 😉



  1. Crazy, If they are really that secluded and cozy, all the more I will not share! But then again, what fun is making out in pubic if the chance of you getting caught doing so, is really low?

    Anyway, 1 place to avoid, I think West Coast is a really bad idea as long time ago, there was a case of “B,,,, la” pulling the guy out and the gal gang-raped at the same time. I think that is extremely traumatising, even for someone just hearing about it.

  2. 3P: yes that is really traumatising, but some might say they asked for it. when you make out in public places you do put yourself in certain compromising positions so i guess when something like that happens to you, how can anyone blame the culprits for being so horny while watching you get it on right?

    Maybe thats why its good to SHARE, so it won’t be to secluded. Even if its populated, everyone is doing the same thing, so no one is really disturbing anyone, right?

    Unless swinging is your thing =P

  3. U know there is this very long highway that stretches from Keppel Road to West Coast…its a road that has no traffic light, minimum cars etc etc…You can suck ur guy while he is driving fast or slow on the highway. Anyway, nobody will see it and you can enjoy the thrill of doing it.

  4. my gawd.. i used to drive that west coast highway.. hahaha…. no doubt that can happen but come on man… risking an accident for the sake of a blow-job?.. i think i rather play it safe and have it done somewhere secluded compared to while driving…

    never heard of the west coast bhangra incident… altho i stayed there for about 12 years… before moving early this year…

  5. Oooo.. Places to make out, eh? There are already so many of them in the estate I live in..

  6. The carpark of the soon to demolish National Stadium. Dark and quiet.

  7. kang: there is? no street lamps?

    Ben: hahaha, giving a bj while someone is driving can be quite exciting =P

    jack: lol

    Anon: ah…yes but someone died there too, no? =P

  8. haha….
    someone might had died there but think thts make it mroe exciting? hahaha…

    erm… driving while receiving a bj…
    never tried and dun think am willing to take such a big risk even i am quite a risk-taker already…

  9. Haha, dont’ drive too fast?

  10. Mount Faber park lor. Go there in the evenings, and you will find lots of cars rocking… 😛

  11. Frenchcuffs: ah, wasn’t that what they said about kent ridge park too? wonder if its really true though

  12. Kent Ridge Park: endorsed, stamped confirmed, because I’m guilty as charged… 😛
    And that was 7 years ago when I was still in NUS!! And close by, the radio tower above KE VII as well. Heh heh. Memories…

    But as for Bedok Reservoir, eh, I go there for my night jogs, nothing leh….

  13. yep bedok reservoir, been there, done that =P

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