How is it possible to fall for someone whom is completely not your type, and who you totally have no intention of falling for? But you are brought together by one common thing that requires you to spend enough time together to actually start to have some form of feelings for each other.

Is that really possible?

I’m saying this only because I just caught “Knocked Up”, where the two protagonists, who are complete opposites of each other have a one night stand, and end up getting pregnant. Girl thinks guy is a loser but guy is in love with girl because she’s gorgeous. Girl decides to keep the baby whether or not guy is in it with her. Over the course of preparing for the baby’s birth the two spend time together and find themselves falling in love for real, with each other.

All in a span of 9 months.

Taking all this out of its context, and placing it in another though, can this really happen? Can two people who otherwise have nothing to do with each other, through a freak coincidence, really start to have feelings for each other?

I’m skeptical.



  1. No one says that falling in love is forever. We will always succumb to lust and desires throughout our lifetime and yet to be able to feel the romance for the moment; priceless.
    Thoughts from a sentimental fool. 😛

  2. is it a good show?

    well.. regarding your question.. i think its possible… i mean.. the longer time spent with a person… no matter how ugly she is .. u will find her pleasant to the eyes after some time.. then with that.. one thing follow another… u start to like and fall in love with the person…

  3. Skorpios: its not about falling in love forever, its about falling for someone you don’t even plan to fall for. someone totally out of your “type”.

    Ben: the movie’s good.

    you hang out with yr friends everyday but you don’t fall for them right? =P

  4. yea.. but if that one person u really have no intention of falling in love with tend to be by ur side most of the time, especially during those time when u need someone to hear u out the most… then it might just happen right?

    good.. hopefully i would be able to catch that on my way back to sing when i take the plane..

  5. Ben: then is it considered real love? you’re coming back to sing again huh

  6. It IS possible. It has happened to me, and it has happened to my friends. I guess nothing is impossible.

  7. Totally possible, why not? More often than not, the type of person that we think is “right” for us isn’t actually as suitable as we’d like. I think that’s why we keep looking for people who fit that same mold, and it works for a while, but eventually fizzles out.

    I speak from personal experience, my hubby was someone never in my wildest dreams I’d thought I’d consider (different race, reliigion, educational backgrounds, did not fit my “physicial” criteria), but lookie at what we have here. 🙂

    At the end of the day, it’s about being open to the various options and not shutting out one person just because he/she isn’t “your type”, isn’t it?

  8. yea.. only year end..
    maybe in end nov or early dec…
    depending if gf plans to come over for a holiday…
    by then airlines should have up to date movies liao..

    real love or not… everything starts from being frens…

  9. I watched it too. It’s Hollywood. I don’t believe no shit in it. Btw, I felt completely sick when she was giving birth to the baby. *faintz*

  10. Jack & Bunny: I guess so..but i’m still skeptical..heh

    Ben: i see..well, enjoy your trip back then =)

    Joyolicious: haha, well all fiction has to have some reality in it

  11. Yeah I was skeptical myself, but decided to just go with the flow.

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