and I miss you..

like the deserts miss the rain..or so Tracy Thorn sang.

And its funny how we seem to miss a person at the strangest time, for the strangest reasons.

Like how I suddenly miss C for his popping over in the late nights quickies, and then adjourning to his car for smokes and idle chit chat.

Or how you can miss someone you hardly see and speak to, but can remember every single bit of conversation you had. Or how you can have only met someone for a short while, but already miss his prescence.

How you can miss a person for just being there.

Its strange how people can form attachments in such short periods of time, with relative strength. How even a sexual relationship which stretches 3 years, something so very superficial can make you form an attachment to someone, even if its not emotional.

But the beauty of attachments that aren’t emotional is that just as it is so easy to form it, it is easy to break.

But I can’t say the same for emotional attachments though.

So, as Tracy Thorn would go,

and I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain.



  1. perhaps you achieved what others strive towards during meditation, a state of idle (otherwise known as “excuse brain” in NS lingo). and with nothing to distract you, you find out more about yourself, the things that matter to you, and the stuff that hold dear. much like long bus rides.
    Else, you’re just being as woman as women can be. =|

  2. long bus rides are great for emo days =P

    woman as women can be? am i supposed to take that as a compliment?

  3. And I sure wish I can miss you, and you, and everyone else in the world; so I can live alone in a wonderful fantasy forever. It would be so much more romantic, like a happily ever after followed by a firm no-nonsense full-stop.
    Maybe it’s easier to live with the heart-yearns than the heart-pains of reality.
    And I miss you, and you, and everyone else in the world, like the sun to the stars, until the edge of twilight, we meet again.

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