Queen of Fuck Ups.

Just when I am getting a good start with a guy, on a non-sexual basis, I always manage to do, or not do something, to just fuck it all up.

This happens even when I just want him as a friend.

What can I say? I’m brilliant.



  1. Define fucking it up…

    a) you end up thinking of having him sexually?
    b) he ends up not interested?
    c) you are just being paranoid?

    actually, when things like that happens.. more than half the time… its just us being abit too paranoid and thinking too much…

  2. we all do it … and it’s intentional. you really need to look into why. i know why i used to do it …

  3. Ben: now you are being too paranoid. heh, fucking it up means you just screw it all up and you dont’ talk to each other anymore?

    lersxt: intentional? maybe. =)

  4. Intentional??? … I don’t think so. :p

  5. how about..subconsciously intentional?

  6. please don’t do that to me.

  7. jack: errrrr =X

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