Yet Again.

We were in your room, on your bed, kissing hungrily. I was surprised at how fast it all happened, and even more surprised at how soft your lips felt, and how smooth your skin was.

Our clothes came off, and my nipples became rock hard when they came into contact with yours. We were hungry for each other, and our hands were soon all over each other. My lips, now on your nipples, and my fingers were now in between your legs, massaging your clit. I was searching for an answer.

But I found none.

So I put my lips to your pussy, and my tongue flickered across your clit. You moaned. This is my first time, I say.

It’s ok, I’ll guide you.

So as my tongue went circling around your clit, your hands guided my fingers into your pussy. You were wet and you smelt so good. I slided one finger in, and moved slowly in and out.


I pushed another finger in, and pumped harder, as your moans get louder and louder, I lick faster. Your hands are now on my head, pushing me closer to your scent. I use my other hand to grab your breasts, squeezing it gently, massaging it slowly.

Before you’ve reached your peak, you stop me.

Now it was your turn. Before I knew it your finger was on my clit this time, and you had one finger in me. I writhe on the bed in sheer agony. It felt so good, yet it was so wrong.

I reach down and continue exploring your insides, still wet with the excitement earlier.

And as we fucked each other with our fingers, I feel your nipples on my lips, and yours on mine. You then stop my hands, yourself withdrawing from me, and the next thing I felt was your soft, wet pussy on mine and we’re rubbing against each other.

Oh fuck, it felt so good you didn’t even know.

As we both lay there afterward, I trace my finger along your breasts, silently worshipping your body.

I was looking for answers.

But I still didn’t find them.


  1. you need a bone bigger than your finger! maybe that is the answer you seek.

  2. A whole new approach to lesbian sex?


  3. Lesbian sex is sexy~

  4. AL: nonsense =P a boner ain’t everything..

    How do you define a lesbian? A woman who likes only women. They aren’t interested in men.

    Hence, if two women, who are bisexual rather than lesbian come together (pardon the pun) and fuck the brains out of each other, how can you call it lesbian sex when they not only like women, but men as well?

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