Stuck on You.

The first time you felt this way was years ago. You were but 15, and he was two years older, one batch your senior. Already notorious for his rumoured antics and the way he treated his ex-girlfriend, your classmate, you were obviously wary. But then you came to realise he’s not as bad as people make him out to be, and when he stuck up for you one day in school, you were grateful.

That gratefulness led to infatuation, a sense of liking you weren’t sure if it was really there, but something you knew would only be one-sided.

Days went on to months, and months eventually came to a year or two. You both never really hung out much in school, but were close outside of school, which not only cemented your good impression of him but also that you were still stuck, on him.

And then you both graduated, and never saw each other again, and never kept in contact. Until one day, he asked if you really liked him then, and disclosed that he knew all along.

You no longer saw the point in hiding anything, and admitted it.

That was your closure.

And now, years later, you fear the same thing happening. This time, smitten with someone so far away. The same kind of feeling, the same kind of experience.

You see his face everywhere you go, and never fail to try to keep up with his life even if it was almost impossible.

But you try anyway.

Then you silently wonder how long this would take to end. Where you could finally seek closure for your subconsciousness, to finally stop thinking of him, to finally get on with life.

How long does it take to be stuck this time?

1 Comment

  1. Bringing it out in the open tends to create closure.

    It depends on if that’s what you really want though.


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