Safe Sex

Remember kids, no matter how promiscuous you decide to be, always remember.


This should come about as some kind public service announcement and ought to come about earlier, but I always like to think better of the people I come across, so when I came across what I can only describe as absolute stupidity, I was appalled.

How many of you have had only ONE sex partner your entire existence?

How many of you are damn sure that your only sex partner (assuming you only have one) also only has you as their only sex partner their entire existence?

Okay, I sense some hesitance there.

We all don’t know, do we? We all can’t be sure, can we?

So when someone told me he likes to do it raw, I took it upon myself to gently remind him that it isn’t safe, even if your partner thinks she’s clean.

Because some diseases take months or even years for their symptoms to start showing.

In any case, retarded person in question was telling me how he likes to do it raw, and I was trying to tell him that not all girls are clean, right?

His answer to this was, “that’s why I will find one sex partner and stick to it.”

Cue rolling eyes please.

When I politely reminded him that maybe that his one sex partner would had have other partners, and they might not have been entirely faithful sexually, his reply was that he thinks in life there are some risks you have to take and it was one risk he was willing to take.

Ok, stupidity alert.

Then seeming in a bid to redeem himself, he goes on to explain that he has had a fuck buddy who is now married and is thinking of sticking to her since her only sex partners would be him and her husband.

Mentally I am already ringing up tons of possible refutations but really, nothing will do in the face of stupidity/sheer naivety, would it?

I hope he gets to enjoy sex for a few more years before his dick starts to itch.



  1. The man’s so naive that he could stick a vibrator up his nostrils.


  2. Hahaha. Yeah..some people think they are invincible for whatever reasons. I do agree that “raw” sex does feel so much better (at least it smells a whole lot better) but really.. whenever I think about how many other people he could have slept with (whom I obviously don’t know ABOUT and whom even HE might not really know), it just gives me the creeps! Honestly, it makes me wanna puke. If you can’t have sex with just one person (and are able to be completely sure that that one person is only doing it with you), then for goodness sake, use a condom.

    And truthfully, at the risk of sounding like a lesbian feminist (which I’m so not), this affects women much more negatively than it does men. Aside from the obvious risk of unwanted prengnancies, most STDs can reside in men without affecting them much. They can merrily go on carrying and spreading the virus for the longest time without them even knowing. Sometimes their dicks don’t even itch. But for women, consequences can be quite dire… usually ending up with infertility and other complications if you don’t get it checked soon enough.

  3. yep yep.

    to be honest i can never ever imagine doing it without a condom, and on occasion i have been convinced to fuck raw. but usually after that i feel so damn paranoid i never wanna do it raw ever again.

    but i’d say safe sex is really the part of two people, if you’re a man please don’t go around fucking women without a condom, and if you’re a girl pls for god’s sake insist on one.

    having said that, i wonder that since people are so promiscuous today more than ever, would you ever trust your husband enough to fuck him without a condom?

  4. raw is war. i have to point out that the mouth is also one of the modes of transmission. so is the act of tasting a finger after its been to dark skanky places. albeit remote, but not impossible. time for that strawberry flavoured cap (nutella in Skye’s case).

  5. Strawberry abit too sweet for me.

    Now nutella..that would be interesting

  6. i so know how you feel… i have a retard friend (whom i’m ashamed to call my friend sometimes) who has a fubu, and he does it with her without protection all the time… plus, she’s had a history of being promiscuous in her previous relationships, and he doesn’t care… he’s even gotten her pregnant once, which she aborted, and they both still don’t care!

    his reasoning is, if he gets HIV/AIDS/STDs, it’s meant to be… like, wtf? he can’t be stuffed living his life in fear and restrained… i just feel like clobbering him sometimes

  7. Oh yes. Definitely. Safe sex is the responsibility of at least 1 party. And really.. it should be.. no condom, no sex.

    And AL’s definitely right too. Although it doesn’t often come to mind often enough. Perhaps that’s why it’s wise to save your mouth for the most deserving??

    So what does this all say? I guess it’s really best to not be promiscuous and to only have sex with someone whom you really trust. Ideally, that person should be your husband (or wife, for the guys), otherwise..really..why did you bother getting married in the first place? That’s why it’s always of extreme importance to marry the right guy. Someone who doesn’t go around fucking every chick he sees or thinks that it’s his natural right to get his need “serviced” by whomever, whenever. After all, if you want to be really safe, he’s the only guy you get to fuck for the rest of your life.

    And yes.. flavoured rubbers help. Anything that takes away that horrid latex smell. Ewwww…

  8. hmm…
    think i heard of choclate ones…
    maybe i should try looking for nutella ones while i am in aussie…
    especially since aussies are so mad-crazed abt nutellas..

    safe sex is important..
    altho i got to admit…
    raw does feel different….
    and feels better…
    but still…safety comes first…

    but then again..
    if 2 are married…
    then shouldn’t it be safe to fuck raw?
    since you should be having sex with only your own spouse…
    i cannot imagine a married couple using a condom just to have safe sex…
    if the reason is birth control…
    then its understandable…

  9. nutella sticks. imagine the effort needed to get it off (excuse the pun). that said, the tongue is a strong muscle.

  10. Glad you posted this.

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