Fresh Outta the Shower

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. almost choked when i saw this pop up on my feedreader; surely you are getting more eyeballs now.

  2. You enjoy yours too, babe! =D

  3. why is it categorised under MEN?

  4. Aristocrat: Choke? Sure or not? haha, the only eyeball I’m getting is yours =P

    Jack: ;P

    AL: mis-categorised. I changed it, happy?

  5. Ah. A treat for the eyes, and a spark to light the imagination.

  6. thank you =)

  7. well, to be honest it’s probably nearer to “falling off my chair”. that was an unintended visual pun.

  8. errr…is that good or bad?

  9. Mmm… this post made me glad to come back to the blogging world.
    Thank you.

  10. Did your breasts grow bigger? But, its making me hungry gonna stuff my face with food now haha.

  11. chaosm: hmm..welcome?

    LE: come find out for yourself

  12. It’s all well and good, from the perspective of aesthetics. You surely know how to put a fan to the fire of Imagination. A “spark to light the imagination” is surely understating it.

    Welcome back, chaosm.

  13. oh..thanks =)

  14. OMG>..
    guess u got all wondering and thinking the same thing….
    but nice pic tho…

  15. huh?? you woke me up and i can definitely get back to my werk!

  16. Ben & EL: heh, thanks =)

  17. umm ..
    errr …
    gulp … hope wife wasn’t looking over my shoulder .. 😎

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