Molest Stories

I’d like to believe that even in this day and age, us girls never have it better than you men. Case in point; no matter how below average you look, how fat you are, or how grumpy your face is, you would always have had at least encountered this once in your entire life as a female.


I wouldn’t say that I encounter this frequently (thank god!), but I think I’ve been a victim enough to feel frustrated. Just when I thought I was old enough to not induce that sort of fetish in men, it strikes again.

I was on travelling on the bus, on the way home and given the long journey, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew this old man had decided to plonk himself next to me. Now, when I say old man, he’s not only old,  but rather large in size as well. There were other seats available on the bus but he simply decided to sit NEXT to me. It didn’t really bother me at first but he when he decided to make himself more comfortable by snuggling closer and closer into the seat. Given his size (and I’m not petite either mind you), I was practically SQUASHED towards the window. I only had about5 more stops  before I alight so I saw no point in moving anyway.

Plus, he seemed to be a fragile old man (he was holding on to a walking stick), so I didn’t think much.

Fuck, FRAGILE OLD MEN ARE THE MOST CHEE KO PEK because they can hide behind their facade of fragility and innocence.

Fragility and innocence my ass.

Anyway, I digress. While I did my best to not be a public nuisance, the final straw came when I started to feel his arms rubbing against the side of my body. Hello uncle, are you trying to feel me up? Thinking that it may be simply because of his size, I tried to move, but he did it again.

So I stood up, got ready to get off (3 stops earlier mind you), and stared at him.

The bugger had the audacity to make a FUTILE attempt to move to give me space. I couldn’t even move ONE thigh out of the damn space.

So I gave up trying to be nice to old folks, took my bag (which carried my laptop) and gave it a nice hard swing in his direction while I was struggling to get out.

I hope you suffer from brain damage.

Which reminded me of an incident which happened many years ago while I was still in college, or pre-university, or whatever you guys called it.

A group of friends and I had decided to check out a warehouse sale near our school since we had some free time in between classes. While making a huge mess out of the place by digging into the trolleys for bargains, I felt a hand grabbing my buttcheek. Thinking it was one of my friends (they had a strange habit of doing it to me), I turned around, it was NONE of my friends because they were scattered all over the place looking for bargains as well. I looked furthur and guess who I saw giving me a  backward guilty glance.


Of course, this time he wasn’t old and fragile, but uncle nonetheless.

Irritated, I came up with the most Ah Lian response I could think of and screamed at him (who was now halfway across the warehouse) in hokkien,

Go home and touch your mother’s ass lah!

I could’ve said worse but hey, I was in uniform and I was in the Students’ Council then, so I thought better.

Don’t these old men have better things to do? Like drill a hole in the wall and fuck themselves with it?



  1. Uncles like young girls, Bhanglas choose anyone, even an old wrinkly woman.

    I was molested 3 times, one in a bus, one in a shopping centre and another in the train.

    Should we carry scissors out so as to snip their fingers [as well as their dicks and balls] off?

  2. i’m not too sure about blangahs but i suppose these things happen to every man. sometimes its really just a fetish.

    i would suggest though bringing around a small box of pins.

    nothing more painful than having a bunch of pins being poked into your flesh or skin, the deeper the better ;P

  3. I hate banglahs to the core. Their existence in Singapore is to successfully molest a girl, especially on Christmas Eves and New Year Eves.

  4. Jack: LOL

  5. One bhanglah tried assaulting a schoolmate of mine but failed. Apparently, he was scared off by her red contact lenses. The dark surroundings and the pale orange streetlights helped.

  6. ah, there are bad apples in every harvest, can’t help that though, no?

    i suppose the only way is to stay out of situations which attract such troubles (cue friendly neighbourhood policeman).

    as for people who are so blatant in public places, eg buses, there are always girls out there who get molested and keep quiet about it, some just endure the entire ordeal in silence! these people gives the perpetrators more “encouragement” i suppose

  7. I encountered a freak which followed me all the way to my school’s train stop Boon Lay! I wished i had guts like yours to give him brain damage. You rock!

  8. Yeap read about it in your blog, that was freaky though. If you went up to him and asked what his problem is you don’t know what he might do.

  9. true. but from his facial expressions & behaviour, he appears to be mentally disabled.

  10. Lisa: maybe you just reminded him of someone he used to know..=)

  11. yikes.

  12. 😉

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