Baby Oil

Want a massage?

He led her to his bedroom, gently removing her clothes, leaving her bare with only her lace panties on. Placing both hands on her shoulders he motioned for her to lie on her stomach, while he gently applied a generous dosage of baby oil all over her body.

His hands wandered around her shoulders, kneading them gently, and as his hands travelled down her spine she gradually relaxed and was soon turned on by his bare hands against her bare skin, aware of the fact that he was going over her butt, which was only covered by the sheer lace of her panties.

But that came off soon after. She was vulnerable, and she subconsciously found herself spreading her legs slightly when his hand caressed her buttcheek and down to the back of her thighs. Giving it both a good rub, he slipped a finger between the folds of her pussy. The cool air from the air conditioning, together with the anticipation from the massage had left it wet, much to his delight.

She moaned slightly, lifting her hips off the bed to give him better access.

As his fingers massaged her clit, she felt him getting on top of her, and was pleasantly surprised to feel his bare skin on hers, and his already hard cock pressed against her butt. She reached behind and caressed it gently, the action causing him to quicken his fingers and illiciting a moan from them both.

You’re so wet.

He turned her over, coming face to face with her for the first time that night at such distance. He gently swept the hair away from her face and kissed her gently on her eyes, closed in ecstasy. His fingers had by then slipped into her pussy and was fingering her slowly.

He wanted to savour every inch of her.

His lips, caressing her skin, found her nipples and sucked on them gently, increasing the pace of each thrust of his fingers.

Let me blow you.

No, let me fuck you.

She didn’t resist, he got on top of her again, and without warning, thrusted his hard cock into her.

Fuck you’re so tight.

It was his first fuck in ages and he was hungry. She welcomed that with her hips matching his every thrusting motion.

Her arms and legs were now wrapped around him, her head tilted backwards in ecstasy, his face buried between her breasts.

And they fucked each other til both could cum no more.

As he lay beside her after, he propped himself up on one arm and looked at her peacefully sleeping face. With one finger he trailed her skin, laced with the scent of baby oil, silently wondering when he’d see her next.



  1. i will never see baby oil in the same light again.

  2. Intestines.

  3. AL: aha, and I see you have a blog of your own =)

    Wolf: wuddd??!

  4. haha…
    i just used aloe vera oil on my gf recently…
    as in massage….
    but nothing more….
    think i will look at the bottle in a new light from now on…

  5. Ben: trust me, baby oil is reaallly different =P

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