It was a quiet night, the clock on the table beeped its hourly alert. The digital display read 5:00AM. Snow Patrol was playing quietly in the background while the room was filled with the clickety-clack of her fingers running over the keyboard.

It was exam season, and even though she had one week until her next paper, she decided it would best if she could get her revision out of the way as early as possible to prevent any possible last minute slip-ups. The world was asleep, and she wondered why she was still awake mugging.

Her biological clock was screwed up. Unlike everyone else, there was no longer a time which she would go to sleep everyday. She slept when she was too tired to function, and she woke when she could no longer sleep, or when she couldn’t afford to.

Her phone beeped with a text message waiting, breaking her from her reverie.

“This module is killing me!”

She chuckled softly. K was an old acquaintance. It was this habit of his to text her at 5am every morning since they started university together because it was when they would both head out to grab breakfast, even before MacDonald’s started their 24hour outlet service, and shared many nights together just sitting on the steps outside his room chatting. They were the best friends ever and earned the nickname “BFF” from their mutual friends. They were like the siblings they each never had.

Until that one night where K had his first fight with his new girlfriend, and went to her room to complain. And he said to her, “you know what’s really funny, that I was interested in you for the longest time but you never knew.”

“You bet your ass I knew, but I also knew that I was never the right kind of girl for you.”

“So you pushed me away. I was willing to be there for you, to be your best friend and maybe something more, but you pushed me away.”

I could never be the one for you.

And you could never be the one for me.



  1. It’s definitely better this way 🙂

  2. well.i was a virgin back then……..i think…
    Well.when you’re desperate.i think not only you’ll start offerin joss stick to jesus but you’ll start singing gospels to satan and start performing necromancy rituals in buddist temples just to hope that whatever you’re desperate about goes well. XD

  3. Tooth Fairy: =)

    Wolf: LOL

  4. “I could never be the one for you. And you could never be the one for me.” Sigh. Heard this excuse a thousand times already.

  5. I wouldn’t exactly call it an excuse. We are all right for different people, to varying degrees.
    No point telling a person you like her if you know you’re gonna hurt her in the end.

  6. Oh i so agree with you on that. But then again, words must always be accompanied by actions, and similarly the lack of words need to be accompanied by the lack of action too. There’s even less of a point to not tell someone that you like her, but then do things which imply that you might. That’s what usually drives people c-u-c-k-o-o. 🙂

  7. Agreed wholeheartedly =)

  8. Why, he not hamsum ah? Heeehee.

  9. I don’t exactly go for looks..so..

  10. the best of both world sometime

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