The Other Woman

(One of the perks of having a disturbed soul like mine is that I get the weirdest dreams, evar. Although I must say here that not all my dreams involve sex, or something related. As you would know, they sometimes involve vampires, fast cars and gargoyles. 😉 )

I had just moved into a new apartment in the East Coast area with a couple of bosom buddies. As we’re all busy with preparing the place, moving things in, moving things around, putting things up, you appear at the door.

I’m here to visit, you say.

I let you in, visibly arrived straight from work, still in your work shirt and pants. You sit around staring at me, while I have no idea why you’re here and what you’re doing here. We have previously had no sexual contact and having only met once, I’m obviously baffled.

But I ignore all that, I try to be civil with you and I go on about my chores.

Then you get up, walk into my bedroom, and start undressing. Still, I’m ignoring you. For some reason I expected you were here for a booty call, and you were going to make sure you got it.

You get changed into something more comfortable and lie on my bed, before long you fall asleep. I turn on the air-conditioning so you can sleep more comfortably and I start to put up the curtains on my room windows. You wake up and wrap your arms around me. I don’t budge, nor am I surprised. Your hands move up to cup my breasts as I feel your hot breath on my neck. You push up my t-shirt and the sports bra I’m wearing underneath to massage them, and I turn around to kiss you on your lips. A intended peck turned into heavy kissing.

Then we’re interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.

Flustered by what just transpired I ran out of the room to find out who was calling.

It was your wife. On my house phone.

You walk out of the room. You have to go, now. Your wife is on the phone, asking for you.

You look just about as confused as I am, but you refuse to go until I insist you do.

After you leave, your wife turns up at my house demanding an explanation.

(It’s strange how we often seem to dream of random things, but I have a strange feeling I know what all this is about. After all, its always the person who proves to be most elusive that we want the most. The rest who offer themselves freely to us, we often ignore.)


  1. I like this.
    More stories,more dreams please.

  2. chaosm: i try =P

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