I press the doorbell and the door opens within seconds. You see me and grin.

You’re 15 minutes late.

I’ll make it up to you.

Before you say anything else I push you into the room, kissing you fiercely on the lips. Soon we’re on the bed, and our hands are all over each other, clothes all over the floor. I straddle you as you lean back against the headboard, panting slightly.

Missed me?

My lips found your ears, and I’m nibbling them, licking, my tongue flicking in and out of your earlobes, blowing gentle air onto them. You moan slightly as your hands find my breasts, caressing them gently, kneading them, rolling my nipples between your fingers.

The tension and anticipation is killing us both, we’re grinding our hips against each other hungrily, wanting more.

But we both know better.

You slip a finger in between my legs and I gasp. You always know when to hit the spot and with how much pressure. With each thrust of your fingers I’m pressing myself against you, my breasts up against your face and you take the chance to lick them and nibble on my nipples.

By this time, sheer lust has taken over. We ignore all previous agreements about taking things slow.

You tell me to lie on my stomach. I spread my knees wide, waiting.

You plunge into me and we both moan. My ass is rubbing against your balls each time you thrust, and while I’m rubbing my clit, occasionally reaching behind to stroke your balls, your hands are on my breasts, squeezing them gently.

Our moans get louder by the thrust, and as the thrusts get more furious, I’m grabbing the sheets, the pillows, your hands, anything I can find.

Within minutes we’re both lying side by side on the bed, your cum trickling down my breasts.

Let’s get you cleaned up, and ready for Round 2.



  1. you’re lucky.

    The other time me and my ex let lust took over.
    i thrusted into the wrong hole.
    That’s when i was hoping offerin joss sticks to Jesus may help.
    because no smoking for a week is better than no sex for 3 months.

  2. So impatient and fiery. Who says, “Make love, not war”? I say, “Make love and war”!

  3. CrimsonWolf: haha!! the joss stick thing again.

    but seriously, how can one thrust into the wrong hole?

    jack: preferably if the war is in bed ;P

  4. I can’t help but keep checking at least twice a day to see if you ve updated .
    you just love to keep me waiting!

  5. LOL. What “joss sticks to Jesus”?? Is that supposed to help at all??

  6. kellx: haha thanks babe. you can subscribe to my RSS feed if you want. can use Bloglines or download a feedreader off the internet, then it auto updates so you don’t have to keep checking? but then again, if you keep checking means my reader stats will keep jumping up so erm..KEEP CHECKING!! haha..

    just kidding though..will be busy with work these couple of days so updates won’t be as frequent =) but thanks for the support!!

    tooth fairy: haha..pte joke =P

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