Trying this out..

I’m compiling orders for the t-shirt I mentioned in my earlier posts.

The thing is, I wouldn’t be able to get any printed because minimum order is 50 pcs. Which means I need to gather about 5o confirmed orders before I can get them printed.

So, if you can imagine wearing this on your front chest,

 Drop me an email at with the number of t-shirts you want.

Then we’ll talk.


  1. yo… am back in aust for another 4-5months..
    regarding this t-shirt…
    are u expecting guys to wear them or wat do you think of females wearing them?
    i dun mind getting a few for a couple friends birthday but need to know what does a girl think of it first before deciding on spending the money on it.

  2. hey Ben =)

    its erm, unisex?

  3. hi ^^
    regarding the shirts…
    how much is each of them costing?
    im going to be buying in bulks if they’re $10<
    btw great writings haha…

  4. kai: if you want them to cost less than $10 apiece then you better be ordering 100 pieces.

    otherwise they are going for about $15 to $20

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