A line from Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” goes like this:

“Son do you know what I’m stopping you for?
Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hats real low?”

It’s not obvious here, but this line refers to racial prejudice. How we form stereotypes and judge people by how they look.

My post has nothing to do with racial stereotypes.

What I’m trying to say is though, that sometimes, you can’t judge people by how they look.

Sure, you can be picky. We all can. We can all prefer the good looking, or rather, who we think is good looking over someone who may disappoint at first sight.

But if you were average looking with an average body, how would you feel if you were picked over someone who might have a better (read: slimmer) body but whose face looks like crap and is not so good in bed?

Of course, assuming you’re damn bloody good in bed.

We all know the answer to that, don’t we?

Don’t mess with me.



  1. Piang. How did you link that to attractiveness(in the sexual sense)?

  2. You won’t understand one =P

  3. Heh. Bitter.

  4. Heh, just my two cents worth =P

  5. Huh? I don’t get it. If you’re average-looking, with an average body, but very good in bed, what makes you that much better than someone with a very good body, not so good face, and not so good in bed? That eqn is kinda balanced right? i.e. nothing to feel upset about ah..

  6. hmm, if you’re a guy, and your’e looking for sex, who would you choose?

  7. I feel horrid for saying this but my very honest answer would be… if I were a horny jackass looking for SEX… I would look for the easiest girl around. I honestly wouldn’t care much whether she’s pretty or not, or whether she has a super toned body. I honestly wouldn’t even care if she is good in bed. Whoever is available, and requires the minimum amount of effort to entice into bed, that’s my choice. After all, it’s only carnal activity I’m after? Right?

    Of course she shouldn’t weigh like a thousand pounds or have really bad BO lah.. but anything above baseline standard will do.

    Sorry… as you can see..I don’t have any regard for horny jackasses.

  8. Haha, actually I’d say that the horny jackasses you describe are actually one step ABOVE the kind of horny jackasses i’ve met. The ones who want it to require minimum effort AND expect the girl to look hot.

    Case in point. I’ve seen some men on adult sites or dating sites who say things like “she must be slim, firm breasts, small size”.

    but then you look at their picture? gosh..

  9. LOL. True. But that’s only what they say..or rather.. what they WISH. Guys have this inane habit of casting their nets wide and trying their luck, even though what they should really do is to go dig a very deep hole and throw themselves in.

    I believe that most horny jackasses are spineless cowards who can’t control their primate instincts, so if given the choice, they would much rather go for an easy target than someone who looks hot (assuming hot chicks have more choices, and hence higher standards). After all, most spineless cowards do unfortunately abide by the “minimum investment, minimum risk but maximum reward” mantra.

  10. true.

    They’re the kinds, in the good ol’ IRC days, would drop you a PM and go “hi wanna meet?” or in these days, they’d drop you a message on Friendster and giv eyou their number and ask you to call them.


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